Surfing South Africa

Shark Cage diving In Gansbaai

Hello from sunny South Africa!

Time goes fast and I can´t believe that I’ve already been here for over three weeks and I can tell you that this place is truly amazing. The food here is cheap and really tasty, the nature is just gorgeous in every way and people seem to have a different way of life here which I just love. After a few days with the kids you can tell that they are really good surfers and move like they have grown up on the surfboard and in the water.



On Saturday morning, a couple of other volunteers and I went shark cage diving in Gansbaai – two hours away from Cape Town. At first I was nervous but after a lot of instructions and funny jokes from the staff I gained some confidence and we jumped into the giant shark cage that was attached to the boat. Even though the sharks moved really fast I managed to get some good videos and pictures thanks to my GoPro which I bring at all times. This was indeed a really a cool experience and if you ever get the chance to do it – take it!




Last week was Helen and Semjons last week here with us at MBC and in South Africa which is really sad since we have done a lot of fun stuff together and I would really like some more time with both of them. All I can do is wish them  good luck on their next adventures and hope that they have gotten a lot of good memories and experiences to bring back home.

We will miss you guys !!






A Perfect combination of city life and wilderness

Hi there!

My name is Felicia, I am from Sweden and I am going to work here at MBC for five weeks and then do some traveling for a couple of weeks until I head back home.

I arrived on Monday around noon after two long flights and I got a warm welcome from the two other volunteers which I am going to stay with. After a quick meet and greet, Felix and Semjon asked if I wanted to join them for lunch in Cape town and five minutes later we were on the train to the city.


They took me to Waterfront where we had lunch with a great view of the harbor and the ferris wheel. Later on we took a cab (which is very cheap here by the way so that’s one good way to get around here in Cape town) to the Company´s Garden; a beautiful garden oasis in the middle of all the busy roads and high houses. This was amazingly quiet and a great spot for just relaxing, laying in the grass and listening to some music while looking at the mountains, palm trees and squirrels running about. This is the perfect combination of city life and wilderness and I am going to enjoy every single second of it.



So, there I was laying in the grass so happy to finally be here in Cape Town after so much waiting, planning and with a lot of expectations and a list of things I want to accomplish and see. Learning how to surf, Shark cage diving and going on safari to name a few.

Yesterday we had our first surfing lesson. I actually managed to catch a few waves and of course accidentally swallowed a lot of salt water (a lot), which I guess is kind of included in the experience. I was surprised that, even though the waves were so huge, I could still manage to get up on the board. But I will admit that I need some more practicing and some patience before I feel super safe on the surf board. It is indeed a project to both manage the surf board, the waves and your own balance at the same time, I tell you!



Now the MBC kids are coming to the office and we are all going surfing again. I can probably learn a lot from them and I am really excited!

See you!


Summer with MBC

The first weeks are over and I have to say: It is just fun. To no time you think, that you have to work. Also because I became kind of friend with some of the kids who are joining MBC every day.



Also my surf skills became better and better. After now three weeks with mixed waves tried to switch from long boarding to short boarding. I had to recognize that the first sets with a short board are much harder than with a long board. But I keep going.



Kind Regards from the wonderful South Africa Semjon

Wavescape Surf Film Festival

Saturday afternoon we loaded up in Ant’s bakkie and headed with the boys to Camp’s Bay for a swim and movie night on the beach. It was a first for me and so much fun riding in the back of a truck on a main highway and then at the beach digging to form sunken sand sofas to relax and enjoy the open air cinema that is part of the annual Wavescape Surf Film Festival. On Clifton 4th Beach, after finding our place up front near the big screen and once nestled cozy in our newly dug-out sand chairs, with packed sandwiches and fruit in hand (thanks to Shani!), the boys sat back and relaxed, eyes fixed on the pro surfers in the films who go and travel the world  giving their lives to chasing waves. Film after film,  you could see how the boys found inspiration to dream big and chase their passions. And by the end, despite it being late into the night, Asi and Toufie just wanted to jump in the water and surf.
            IMAG2597  IMAG2613

But soon after the last short film, the crowd cleared up, and we, too, packed our things to get back home. Then came my personal favorite part of the weekend, just sitting in the back of the bakkie with the boys. As the wind out picked up, we tried to keep warm with only one blanket to go around. The ride home was entertaining to say the least. I learned Temba is great at storytelling and has quite the imagination. Whymph will bust out into song with lyrics he’ll come up with on the spot. Asi and Abel I found out share my love for sardines. Phila remains adamant on his views of pumpkin pie (I still have 2 weeks to convince him). And the rest of the ride just felt like I was hanging out with my little brothers! When we dropped off the boys at their home in Steenburg, they were keen to point out to me the nearby corner shop that serves Gatsby. It’s apparently a local favorite dish and a must try while in South Africa. It’s going to happen!!

  IMAG2653 mbc2

Besides all I learned from the boys riding in the bakkie Saturday, a sweet highlight from my second week here and something that became very apparent to me was the huge heart of the man behind MBC. In these 5 years, Ant Scholte has done much more for these boys than simply introducing them to a love for surfing. He invests his heart and his time for them. He provides an outlet for these boys, where they can come feel safe, unthreatened, and carefree–just as kids should be. I see it so clearly. I see it when he gives of his weekends to rest and instead chooses to spend it with the boys. I see it when he stays back to carry their bags, boogie boards, and wetsuits when they forget. He instills values by example, tells them the hard things, and encourages them to pursue the important things. The sacrifice this man makes for these boys is humbling and inspiring! And as the boys would say, “GO MBC!!”

                    mbc1 mbc3

A Day at the Caves

If there’s one thing to do when you come to South Africa it would definitely be to hike! Take full advantage of the abundance of mountainous regions and breathtaking views this country has to offer. Table Mountain is obviously the most well known elevation in South Africa; however, there are countless other hiking opportunities available with views that are just as stunning and equally awe-inspiring.

alisha blog1

This week we took the kids up the Trappieskop trail (which is a part of Table Mountain National Park) to explore some caves! From the start the hike was a very steep one with many boulders to scramble over…talk about an intense leg day…but truthfully the path was one that a beginner hiker could easily conquer. The boys were eager to get to the caves and basically sprinted the entire 45 minutes up. The only time we took a rest was when Frankie found a cockroach and thought it would be fun to give us a little scare by picking it up with his stick!

alisha blog 2

When we got to the first set of caves, the boys were so excited to start exploring…but our new volunteer leader, Ryan, insisted we keep moving because there were bigger and better cave formations not far away! Once we got to the right set of caves it was a scramble to take out candles and torches and go exploring. The boys had a blast trying to scare one another by blowing their candles out and went deep into the caves, they even used the wax to mark their names on the stone to prove that they had been exploring there. Hiking with the boys is hard work but so much fun we cannot wait to explore new territory with them!!

The Kids Conquering the Cave

The Kids Conquering the Cave

-Alisha and Pria (Canada)

Movie Night with MBC

MBC’s motto is “Respect for nature, self and others”, one of the ways MBC promotes the expression of these characteristics among the boys is with the Star Chart program. The Star Chart allows the volunteers to award a star to each child who attends MBC activities and displays good sportsmanship; cooperation; effort; teamwork, and in general, good behaviour. Stars can be taken away for behaviours such as fighting, swearing and poor attitudes.

This past Friday we had the opportunity to take 4 of the kids who achieved the most stars to the cinema to watch the latest installment of The Amazing Spider-Man!! Phila, Themba, Siya, and Frankie were the boys who displayed the most consistent behaviour and had earned the most stars this past month. We picked the boys up at 8:30 and could tell they were excited and ready to go, wearing “special” clothes, accessorized with bright smiles! Phila was decked out in his fresh digs and stylish hat, adorned with a newly pierced ear!! (We soon found out it was only magnetic)

Themba, Siya, Frankie and Phila!

Themba, Siya, Frankie and Phila!

Just from observing the kids the moment they got into the van to when we finally took our seats at the theatre, we could tell how happy they were to be out on a Friday night watching a movie with Ant, Maddy, and all of the volunteers of MBC. We all had a really fun night and it was a well deserved treat for the boys and all they’ve accomplished over the past few weeks!



-Pria and Alisha (Canada)

Alisha’s First Blog!

Hello! My name is Alisha, and I’m a new volunteer at MBC for the month of May. I am very excited to be in South Africa because I’m coming all the way from Toronto, Canada! Since I’ve been here, I’ve felt very comfortable and welcomed by not only the workers and volunteers at MBC, but also the local people in both Fish Hoek and Muizenberg. Volunteering at MBC means a lot to me because it has always been my dream to travel to developing countries and work with children.

I’ve met the children of MBC a couple of times now (surfing, hiking, and playing soccer) and they are full of so much energy and charisma! I can’t wait to do more activities with them, I already feel very attached! I think it’s really amazing that MBC gives these kids the opportunity to effectively utilize their free time after school by playing sports and interacting with volunteers from all over the world, who can be lifelong mentors and role models for them. I can’t wait to spend the next month here at MBC.

This country is so beautiful and there is so much I want to see and do while I’m here. I recently got the opportunity to hike up Table Mountain with my fellow MBC volunteer Pria Lattar, and we abseiled halfway down! It was the most humbling yet terrifying experience of my life. It was fantastic and I absolutely recommend it to all prospective volunteers!

Hiking Table Mountain!

Hiking Table Mountain!


Alisha Romain, Canada

MBC surf in a competition at the BOS Earthwave Beach Festival!

This weekend the BOS Earthwave Beach Festival hit Muizenberg! On Saturday at Surfers’ Corner MBC competed in the transformation initiative of the Billabong Western Cape Inter-schools Surfing Tournament, in association with Surfing South Africa, entering two teams of five surfers. Each surfer had to take it in turns to catch two waves then run back to the team box on the sand to tag the next surfer.

Phila, Adrian, Siya, Yamkela and Frankie surfed in the A team, while Team B consisted of Asi, Siminkiwe, Godfrey, Themba and Waden. The judges were looking out for skill and good control of the surfboards and the guys’ extra surfing practice during the previous week paid off. Both teams concentrated hard on wave selection as the waves were a bit messy and they caught some good waves, performing really well. Daniel and Mike from MBC were supporting from the beach, along with the two Ants plus volunteers Hannah, Charlotte and Maddy.

The A team made it all the way through to the final, fighting off some tough competition from Isiqalo – Waves for Change, Surf Shack and Dreams to Reality. It was a very tense wait overnight to find out the results of the final! On Sunday the A team found out that they took second place in the contest – a brilliant result!! Each of the surfers in Team A received medals in the awards ceremony.

It was a super fun day on the beach with music and lots of other activities to watch and take part in – SUP racing, some incredible tandem surfing, skating demos on a ramp by the pavilion and soccer on the beach with the pitch marked out with fronds of seaweed. MBC also won their soccer match 5-1 so the results were great all round! The guys were also stoked to meet local pro surfer Matt Bromley, from Kommetjie, who came down to the beach to check out the action.

High five, Team MBC!

Maddy, volunteer from England

Setting up in the team box on the beach.

The contest area at Surfers’ Corner.


Phila heading out for his first wave of the contest.

Team photo!