About MBC

Muizenberg Beach Club (MBC) was started by Anthony Scholte (owner of Learn 2 Surf surfing schools) and Elizabeth Benninger (an American social worker, working in the Cape Flats) in November 2010 and officially registered as a non-profit company in November 2011.

This 5 minute video was produced by South African TV Channel E.TV

MBC provides healthy, after-school, outdoor activities to children from disadvantaged communities on the Cape Flats. Drug use and gangs are very common in the Cape Flats area where our MBC members live.

By taking the kids out of their local environment and getting them active not only does wonders for their health but also helps prevent them from being distracted by the negative influences that are so prevalent in their communities.

Our Goals

• Introduce our members to a healthy outdoor lifestyle.
• Motivate and encourage our members to attend school.
• Teach our members to respect nature, themselves, & others.
• Mentor the older members to become leaders within MBC and ambassadors within their local communities.
• Motivate and encourage our members to set and achieve their own personal dreams and goals.

Muizenberg Beach Club is a registerred non-profit company
MBC Youth Dev (Reg# 2011/134197/08)