Summer with MBC

The first weeks are over and I have to say: It is just fun. To no time you think, that you have to work. Also because I became kind of friend with some of the kids who are joining MBC every day.



Also my surf skills became better and better. After now three weeks with mixed waves tried to switch from long boarding to short boarding. I had to recognize that the first sets with a short board are much harder than with a long board. But I keep going.



Kind Regards from the wonderful South Africa Semjon

St James beach day

On Friday it was such a hot day so we took the kids from Muizenberg Beach Club to St James to swim and bodyboard at the beach. We walked along the windy path right next to the ocean, called St James Walkway, and kept getting water splashed on us cause of the huge waves.




Yamkela with his bodyboard

Asi striking a pose!

Asi striking a pose!

The beach was crowded but the boys didn’t care, they just jumped straight into the blue clear water. The guys were great at bodyboarding and caught every wave, laughing all the way into shore.

Frankie and Sya

Frankie and Siya





To see the boys so happy whilst playing in the water made me think about how fortunate it is that we are able to take the boys to the beach. If we didn’t take them, they’d probably almost never get a chance to go to the beach and play in the waves like this. When they smile, you automatically find yourself smiling – my cheeks wore sore by the time we had to go back.

/ Freddie, volunteer from Sweden

Happy volunteers

Hi we are so happy today because we bought our first own surfboards yesterday! And we tried them this morning here in Muizenberg. It was fun and different. Thank you Muizenberg for the good waves!


Ellen and Erica, Sweden

Surf´s up!

We just have to tell you that the surfing yesterday was cool! The wind had picked up and there were some pretty awesome waves. Phila didn´t want to leave and he really impressed us with how much he had improved. After the kids had got changed some played a bit of soccer. It was a cool day and a great day for surfing!

Ellen and Erica, Sweden and Hannah, Ireland

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