Shark Cage diving In Gansbaai

Hello from sunny South Africa!

Time goes fast and I can´t believe that I’ve already been here for over three weeks and I can tell you that this place is truly amazing. The food here is cheap and really tasty, the nature is just gorgeous in every way and people seem to have a different way of life here which I just love. After a few days with the kids you can tell that they are really good surfers and move like they have grown up on the surfboard and in the water.



On Saturday morning, a couple of other volunteers and I went shark cage diving in Gansbaai – two hours away from Cape Town. At first I was nervous but after a lot of instructions and funny jokes from the staff I gained some confidence and we jumped into the giant shark cage that was attached to the boat. Even though the sharks moved really fast I managed to get some good videos and pictures thanks to my GoPro which I bring at all times. This was indeed a really a cool experience and if you ever get the chance to do it – take it!




Last week was Helen and Semjons last week here with us at MBC and in South Africa which is really sad since we have done a lot of fun stuff together and I would really like some more time with both of them. All I can do is wish them  good luck on their next adventures and hope that they have gotten a lot of good memories and experiences to bring back home.

We will miss you guys !!






One weekend in Cape Town

This weekend was very special due to the reason that it is my penultimate weekend in South Africa.
Last weekend Saskia and I wanted to do the shark cage diving in Gansbaai but it was cancelled because of weather conditions. This Saturday finally the wait was over. Early in the morning at 4am we were picked up by the organization and drove to Kleinbaai Harbour in Gansbaai. We arrived there at 7am and were welcomed with a small but good breakfast. After eating we boarded the small tour boat bringing us to an area close to a seal island. It did not take a long time until two great white sharks appeared. In fact every time that I think of a shark I hear the music of “Jaws” in my ears but when I actually saw the sharks my fear was gone. The bigger one was almost 2,5 meters and it was impressive to see them swim around the boat.

IMG_5758A Great White Shark swimming next to our boat

Even though they attracted the sharks with huge tuna heads the sharks were not at all interested in us or in the fish heads. Seeing the sharks at the surface was pretty impressive but Saskia and I were thrilled by the thought of diving next to them. Once in the cage we were really excited about seeing the sharks in their element. First I was a little bit scared but the sharks turned out to be really calm. It was a really good experience, especially for me because before I came to South Africa I was really afraid of being confronted with a shark. Seeing them swimming next to me took away my fear of those huge but elegant and calm creatures. I can recommend the shark cage diving to everyone who has just like me seen too many horror movies starring sharks because this experience totally changed my mind about those animals.

SharkCageDiving2Saskia and me at shark cage diving

On Saturday there was a great happening taking place for every Muizenberg local interested in surfing. The Muizenberg Improvement District plans to build a Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame and therefore hosted a fundraiser event. The MID want to realize the project, including a monument of Heather Price, a pioneer of South African surfing, through this charity gala. It was a nice evening and we got to learn more about South African surfing pioneers through songs, pictures and videos. A band and a tombola provided the right atmosphere.

FundraiserMe, Saskia, Sara, Ant, Freddie and Maddy at the fundraiser

On Sunday we went to a concert in Kirstenbosch near Cape Town. Jeremy Loops was the star of the evening but he was not showing any preciousness as he sang, danced and had fun on the stage.

Jloops2Jeremy Loops on stage

Before starting to sing he said that his aim for the evening was to make people happy and you could see that he reached this aim when everybody stood up and danced to his songs. It was a great happening and we really enjoyed having a picnic, listening to good music and watching the sunset over the amazing Kirstenbosch gardens while seeing the view of Table Mountain in the background.

JloopsSunset at Kirstenbosch

Anna, MBC volunteer from Germany