Hiking and Movie Night

On Friday, we took a quick break from surfing, and decided to take the boys hiking, followed by a braai (it took me quite a while to realize that means a BBQ) and movie night. The boys’ initial reaction was the same as always; ‘but we want to go surfing’. However, by the time we returned, all of them agreed how much they’d enjoyed it. We went out in search of a waterfall, which was supposedly located 6km from MBC. We hiked up Peck’s Valley at quite a pace considering how steep it was, Asi and Themba running ahead.


On arriving at the site of the illusive waterfall, we found that it had in fact dried up, leaving behind a sharp drop down the side of the mountain. The boys weren’t too phased however, and instead explored the valley, and sat admiring the views.


We’re here, but where’s the waterfall?


The descent was not much easier than the climb up. Despite the steep and rocky path, the boys got down with ease, finding the energy to make jokes and chat as we went. Although I did slightly fear for my life as I scrambled down the mountain, the view out over Muizenberg and the sea was stunning.


Sitting round the braai












We piled back into the office, exhausted but content. Ant lit the braai and we sat round with blankets to shelter from the evening breeze. After eating a well earned dinner, we gathered round to watch the film – a documentary in which Ant took some world famous surfers around South Africa. It was full of amazing breaks and awesome tricks; the boys audibly gasping as the surfers rode barrels as effortlessly as if they were walking. Kelly Slater joined them for part of it, and his superhuman surfing and shiny silver wetsuit certainly added to the film.


Watching the movie

At the end of the evening, the boys piled into Ant’s bakkie and drove back home. The night was undoubtedly a success, with everyone leaving smiling and laughing.

Hike to the Waterfall in Simon’s Town

The waterfall in Simon’s Town was just the right destination for a short hike on a hot summer day:


False Bay View






Climbing up some Rocks


Arrival :-)


Second Cascade


on the way






Smiling Faces


Rain Dance




Simon’s Town Harbour

Impressions of our Hike in the Table Mountain National Park

Hike from Silvermine Gate to a small waterfall to the hills above Muizenberg and descent to Muizenberg.


five young hikers


Beautiful Landscapes at the Cape




Relax and play at the waterfall


More flowers


False Bay View


Rock Agama




Waves at Muizenberg Beach


Metro to Cape Town City Center

For more information about the project read the section ‘MBC Activities’ and for details about the kids read ‘Meet the Kids & Their Community”.

Hiking with Paul the „Rastaman“

Hiking with Paul was the order of the last two Fridays at Muizenberg Beach Club. Paul is a local Hiking guide and knows the mountains and the natural environment around Cape Town like the back of his hand. He is a good role model and the best person bringing the MBC kids in close contact with the nature, even if hiking isn’t their favourite activity. They gave him likeably the name “Rastaman”, because of his long dreadlocks and his black sunglasses he wears all the time.

At the first Friday the weather was almost perfect: really good conditions of visibility, unfortunately it was 30° and a bit too hot for hiking. But Paul knew a nice and shady walk through Tokai forest located between Muizenberg and the city centre of Cape Town. When we arrived there with the MBC bus, the kids found a tree bearing the so called “baboon fruits” in the near of our parking lot. They filled their pockets with the little red fruits as much as they can. And the volunteers tried the foreign and sweet fruits having a consistency like grapes or litchis with a big kernel inside. After ten minutes everybody was strengthened and we could start the walk through the forest leisurely.

We took a break at a rugby pitch with a well-groomed appearance. Because Paul gave the advice of taking a ball with us before we have started the walk, we could grasp at the chance to play some soccer or rather penalty. Paul applied voluntarily being the goal keeper and prepared himself professionally for his job.


Paul as a goalkeeper

So both kids and volunteers tried to score a goal from a distance of nearly 10 metres and everyone had his own technique in doing so. Sometimes with only one shoe like Wayden chose it or even by choosing a corner casually like Siminkiwe did.






Mike’s taking photos from Paul and Friedl in action

In cooperation with our excellent photographer Mike it is possible to present you these snapshots of this soccer event.


Paul and Samy in action


Paul and Phila in action

Ultimately the final was composed of the volunteers Samy and me or rather France and Germany. Especially Samy fought passionately in French manner for his country and his hometown PESSAC in the near of Bordeaux. But in the end Germany won this penalty which is not surprising as the German national team won the soccer world championship this year as well. Therefore we refreshed the memory of the last game between France and Germany in which Mats Hummels scored decisively with a header.

But back to the hiking trip…


Relaxed hiking and enjoying the nature


Nice view in front of the group

After the thrilling soccer break the walk was continued in an unhurried kind, so that there was enough time to explore the environment like Simikiwe did or time to pose for some photographs like Asi did.





On the second Friday the MBC kids were represented by only three guys, but Phila, Yamkela and Wayden were ready for the next hiking. The weather was as good as on the first Friday and Paul chose the area of Constantia where the view was not obscured by clouds or fog. We hiked rapidly, so that there was no time for taking some photos. After almost 30 minutes we got to the top of the mountain Eagles’ Nest and first everyone enjoyed the nice view up to the sea.


No words are needed … just enjoy!

Phila conquered the white pillar which symbolises the peak of the mountain and Wayden found a nice place for watching the environment closely.





And Anna and me, we took some photographic proofs that we coped with the hike successfully.


Anna ‘Banana’ and Anna ‘Montana’

Like you can see on the pictures the wind was blowing really strong, so that as a bad incident the sunglasses of Anna became damaged by losing a side of them. Wayden and her mourned together for it some minutes.


Wayden and Anna aren’t really happy :(

We finished drinking in the beauty of the view and of the first impressions after 10 minutes. Subsequently Paul found via Internet and GPS the coordinates of the guestbook of the peak and a little box with odds and ends, which was hidden in a sheltered place. In contrast to Paul being as cool as a cucumber the whole time, Samy seemed to be really excited.


Paul, Phila and Samy

Every little mountain climber should complete some tasks on the top of a mountain like leaving a note in the guestbook…


Notes in the guestbook

…or exchanging little something from yourself for little something from the box. Yamkela presented some stuff which he found in the box and chose a little red handcrafted pocket with some Band-Aids in it.



The way back to the bus was quite relaxing and there was some time for talking like Samy and Phila did.


Phila and Samy

I am sure that the next hiking trips with Paul and the MBC kids will be as much fun as the last two ones I was allowed to experience and I am looking forward to them. Until then have a nice time.

Anna ‘Banana’ (from Germany)

Table Mountain & Signal Hill

I’m Florent and I’m with my two roomates Friedl (photograph) and Samy (volonteer) to share with you one of our most incredible journey in South Afrika !

Saturday 20th September : Table Mountain & Signal Hill

DSC_0088Table Mountain

 Perfect day to go hiking with the other volonteers of the MBC on Table mountain: amazing sky, not too much wind, just the long road between us and the top!

DSC_0149One objectif : Reach the sun !

From the first step of the climb, you can see a breach between two mountains. Then, every step makes you watch the valley better than your feets: Cape town, the Sea, and Lion’s Head on the left.

DSC_0283-2Lion’s Head from Signal Hill

After 30 minutes, you can’t see Lion’s head anymore, and it gets colder because you are exactly between the two mountains. No more sun, but an amazing view with water falling from the top on the left,  big and pretty stones on the right.

DSC_170Cape Town during the walk

And after 1hour30, we are in the gorge. Explosion of the sun, after 30 minutes with the head so close to the floor, we finally reach the sky !!


Far away, our second objective : Signal Hill for sunset. Just the time to take the cable car, and here we go !

DSC_0272DSC_0272Signal Hill from the top of table mountain

Signal Hill : It’s 17h45. Sunset is expected around 18h30, just enough time to enjoy the landscape around, table mountain in our back, and the endless sea in front of us.


We walked through the grass to find the perfect view, crossing the road of lovers and other tourist.



And soudainly, it’s happen. Sunset. No more words, enjoy the view.



Florent, Friedl and Samy

Why You Should Be a Volunteer at MBC

1)  South Africa

Such a nice country! During your stay here you’ll have the possibility to do a lot of things! Muizenberg and Cape Town are both wonderful places to visit and there are loads of really cool activities to do! And you’ll have all your weekends free!! Thus, hiking, sea experiences (shark diving, seal boat trips, viewing penguins, fishing), wine degustation, rugby games, safaris and even more are waiting for you! If you like parties, Cape Town offers many possibilities.


Furthermore wherever you go here you’ll always discover new things to do! New views! Different peoples! Indeed, South Africa is a multicultural country and you can meet peoples who come from all around the world! Black and white together! And learn a lot about what is real life!!!

2) Muizenberg

You’ll stay in Muizenberg, which is a really nice place that’s well known for its surfing beach!!! Enjoy the perfect waves and live in a wonderful house where you’ll enjoy the chilled atmosphere and the amazing view of the ocean! Ant (MBC president and the volunteer house’s owner) is such a nice guy! He’ll teach you a lot about South African culture! Mainly on the evening in his living room accompanied with his guitar and nice music, like “Sugar Man”.  You’ll share your room with peoples who are here for the same reasons as you so everything should go really well! I am really happy to chat with them and learn about their countries, their cultures and their lives.montage 2

In Muizenberg, there is a tradition. Each week you’ll enjoy the Bluebird Food and Goods Market, which is the place to be on Fridays! With a wide selection of delicious and different food and alcohol! Surf instructors, volunteers and many other people will be there!

For the rest of the week it’s easy to travel about locally thanks to the train or taxi drivers (really cheap and nice drivers who take care of you). Kalk Bay is only 5 minutes away from Muizenberg and there you can find really cool bars and restaurants like Cape to Cuba!!! You’ll probably also go to Brass Bell, where lots of volunteers and locals take up residence on Wednesday nights to have a go at karaoke! You can have a great party here!

3) Mission

If you like sport, this is the project you must choose! Every morning you’ll enjoy great waves in a wonderful place! For me it was my first surfing experience! And after 2 weeks’ training I caught my first real wave!! It was an extraordinary sensation! I could turn on the wave and feel the speed coming! When I finally fell down off the board, I was like a child – I couldn’t stop smiling! Such a nice experience! Time flies in the water! And even on days when the waves aren’t so good, the ocean as far as you can see is perfect for getting you to empty your mind and think about life!

Three days a week with the kids you’ll play soccer, go hiking and surf!! These kids come from a township and they grow up in a dangerous place where gangsters are present and try to make them cross the line. These kids are amazing! Indeed they are always smiling and love speaking with you and learning about your life. They’ll give you so much!! Time goes really fast with them and you can’t be bored!! During sport activities they like to be with you! And they love jokes! At the beginning it will be difficult to remember all their names but you’ll use some tips to remember them! Cause they all have their own charisma and particularities! For example Themba! You can’t miss him – he will always try to make jokes and play with you!

Nico 1

Twice a week in the afternoons you’ll stay at the office, which is a really pleasant place! You’ll share ideas with others volunteers and try to develop MBC (posting blogs, marketing, communication). You’ll have a blank canvas for developing the project and its workers are always ready to listen to you and help you. All the work you’ll provide will be indirectly necessary for the kids because the more people know about MBC, the more the organisation will benefit. It’s such a good motivation to know you can help them!

Thanks to this experience you’ll change your way of thinking. You’ll learn about real life, share wonderful moments, meet amazing kids and peoples. “Kindness” will be my word if I have to describe South African peoples in one word. This kind of experience will make you understand how lucky you really are.

Don’t think any more!! Go to MBC and enjoy the best experience of your life!


Nico (volunteer from France)


My Time in Cape Town

My Time in Cape Town

Volunteering at MBC has been an amazing experience I’m going to remember for ever. I have been able to do so much in the four weeks I have been here and met some really cool people from all over the world. Spending time surfing, playing soccer and hiking with the kids has been so much fun (even when they are being nuisances!).

I have loved getting to the office in the morning and going straight in for a surf. I can feel I have improved since being here and can’t wait to continue at home in the summer. I’m eager to move on to some more advanced waves in other places around the world.

When the kids come for a surf session they absolutely love it. They always say they wish they could stay in the water longer. Some of them are pretty good and the others are really trying to get better.
Soccer is definitely their best sport. Their skills with the ball are amazing!
I love going on hikes at home so going hiking with the kids was really cool. Especially going to the top of a big hill and getting to the very top and revealing an amazing view! They moan at the start but by the time we finish they have been knackered out and had loads of fun exploring caves and anything they find.

If anyone was looking to do some volunteering I would highly recommend MBC to them. A great project in a great place.

Here are a few pictures of my time.

patrick blog 1

patrick blog 2

patrick blog 3

patrick blog 4

patrick blog 5

patrick blog 6


Patrick, volunteer from Wales

A Day at the Caves

If there’s one thing to do when you come to South Africa it would definitely be to hike! Take full advantage of the abundance of mountainous regions and breathtaking views this country has to offer. Table Mountain is obviously the most well known elevation in South Africa; however, there are countless other hiking opportunities available with views that are just as stunning and equally awe-inspiring.

alisha blog1

This week we took the kids up the Trappieskop trail (which is a part of Table Mountain National Park) to explore some caves! From the start the hike was a very steep one with many boulders to scramble over…talk about an intense leg day…but truthfully the path was one that a beginner hiker could easily conquer. The boys were eager to get to the caves and basically sprinted the entire 45 minutes up. The only time we took a rest was when Frankie found a cockroach and thought it would be fun to give us a little scare by picking it up with his stick!

alisha blog 2

When we got to the first set of caves, the boys were so excited to start exploring…but our new volunteer leader, Ryan, insisted we keep moving because there were bigger and better cave formations not far away! Once we got to the right set of caves it was a scramble to take out candles and torches and go exploring. The boys had a blast trying to scare one another by blowing their candles out and went deep into the caves, they even used the wax to mark their names on the stone to prove that they had been exploring there. Hiking with the boys is hard work but so much fun we cannot wait to explore new territory with them!!

The Kids Conquering the Cave

The Kids Conquering the Cave

-Alisha and Pria (Canada)

MBC Conquer Table Mountain!

Hey! I’m Ailsa and I’m a new volunteer for MBC. I’m from Southampton on the south coast of England. I am already in love with South Africa and am having an awesome time at MBC.

Last Friday was a really special day for MBC, as it was the day that we conquered Table Mountain!

We told the kids when we saw them during the week that we would be climbing the infamous peak on the coming Friday to watch the sun set from the summit. Ant decided that we were going to do India Venster…the most technical and challenging route.

The day of the hike was nothing short of a heatwave. In the heat of the afternoon Ant, Paul, Will, Anna, Saskia and I drove to pick up the boys in Steenberg. Ant lined them all up before they got in the bus to make sure everyone was dressed appropriately and had plenty of water. All the boys had come prepared, ready and raring to go! Everyone then piled into the bus and we headed into the city.

This was the first time I had actually been into the city and the view from the road was something else. The sky scrapers of Cape Town looked incredible against the backdrop of the sea in the afternoon sun, but Table Mountain dominated the landscape, standing tall above the city.

Table Mountain from the bus - you can just see the cable station at the top!

Table Mountain from the bus – you can just see the cable station at the top!

Chatting to the boys, I discovered that none of them had ever been to Table Mountain before, not even with school. Naively, I was really surprised because they live so close. I realised that I take for granted that as well my education, my schools enriched my life with so many great experiences. Just getting kids to school for an education a challenge here, let alone planning school trips. The boys’ families don’t have the means and aren’t in a situation where they can take the kids on days out like this. Without MBC, the boys would never get to fully experience and appreciate the beautiful landscape of their home city.

We arrived at Table Mountain full of energy and excited to get going. Ant handed out apples for some natural energy and gave us all some tips on how to hike effectively.

Getting ready to set off!

Getting ready to set off!

Our climb began at the cable station, with a steep path than ran underneath the cable cars. This first section took us up the grassy mountainside to where the steeper terrain began. It was only about a 15 minute section but we were all extremely hot and out of breath. It was at this point that we realised this was really going to be tough! We rested in the shade before starting the main hike.

Phila, Yamkela, Kiyaam, Will and Frankie, resting and rehydrating in the shade

Phila, Yamkela, Kiyaam, Will and Frankie, resting and rehydrating in the shade

From here the hike got progressively steeper and more technical. But as we climbed higher, the breeze was cooler and the view was even more stunning. There was a mixture of steep rocky paths, scrambles and a couple of climbing sections. The most difficult sections had metal bars and chains drilled into the rocks to grab onto. We rested often to drink water and catch our breath. Although it is a difficult route, I know I speak for everyone when I say I didn’t feel unsafe at any point because we were all helping and looking out for each other.

Saskia and Will checking out the view

Saskia and Will checking out the view

The boys really gave it their all and almost all of them made it to the summit for  sunset. Myself and Anna didn’t quite make it but we stood on the edge of the path, on the side of the mountain and watched sun set gently over Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It was a really special moment.

Me & Anna at sunset

Me & Anna at sunset

Reaching the summit just as the sun set

Reaching the summit just as the sun set


After the sun had set, we finished the last bit of the hike and met everyone else at the viewing point at the top of the mountain. There was such a buzz and a great atmosphere between everyone. We all felt so proud of ourselves and of each other. It got dark quickly and soon the lights of the city were sparkling. We were just in time to catch the last cable car down the mountain. We took a few minutes at the bottom to reflect on what we had achieved and take in the view one last time, before all jumping in the bus and heading back to Steenberg.

The amazing view of Cape Town from the top!

The amazing view of Cape Town from the top!

Having only just arrived, I’m still getting to know the boys but I was genuinely so impressed by their positive attitude, maturity and teamwork throughout the climb. They looked out for each other and helped each other up difficult sections, whilst still having a laugh as they went. They are so fun and positive which made me relax when parts of the climb were difficult. It was such a great experience and a privilege to do this climb with MBC!

Incredibly, Saskia managed to do the majority of the climb one handed, whilst using the other to film with her GoPro camera. We’ve made a video of our memorable Table Mountain climb, which you can check out here!

Hiking trip in Table Mountain National Park

Hiking is a really popular activity for both kids and volunteers. The kids like it because the trips usually go to a place where you can swim. The volunteers like it because then they have time to talk to the kids and get to know them better.

So last Friday Ant, Zeus, Saskia, Will and me fetched the kids in the MBC bus and went to an area in the mountains close to Muizenberg. A waterfall with natural swimming pools in one hour walking distance was the destination of the trip.

IMG_5301Ant and the MBC kids discovering the way to the waterfall

The path leading there alternated with adventurous footpaths, stony stairs and wooden bridges. Along the way the kids played football or climbed on high rocks with Ant.

IMG_5309Summiteers Ant, Kiyaam, Themba and Siya


After a half hour walk we arrived at the “waterfall” which unfortunately was no waterfall at all. Due to the last weeks of too little rain it was only a runlet and the swimming pools were just 10 inches deep. But still there was enough water to slake the thirst. The kids as well as the volunteers enjoyed cooling their hot faces under the waterfall.

Hiking-1Themba, Kiyaam and Siminkiwe

Saskia, Will and me decided to follow a couple of kids (Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya) who had left the rest of the group to explore the closer area. After some time, that felt like five minutes, the three Europeans were totally lost in the South African jungle. We followed a small stream until the thicket became impassible. Right before turning around we heard Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya. They were somewhere up a hill and shouting our names. They even shaked some smaller trees to guide us the way towards them. We tried to find a way to them but they were unsure of their whereabouts as well so it was hopeless.


Hiking-3Into the wild…

We decided to wander back to the waterfall where the rest of the group was waiting and splashing in the water.

DCIM100GOPROLost boys Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya

Hiking-4Climbing up the waterfall

I had some chocolate cookies that I gave to the kids – they finished the sweets within seconds. When it was time to leave we packed our stuff and the kids were still motivated and carried Saskia’s and my backpack. Maybe they just wanted to get some extra stars for the MBC star chart but for us the way back passed off easily. We returned back to the bus in the warm afternoon sun all tired and hot but feeling a sense of achievement to have hiked far!

Anna, MBC volunteer from Germany and Will, MBC volunteer from England