Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be a volunteer?

All volunteers must be over 18 years of age

You need to speak English
All the kids can speak English as well as their native tongue / home language. Clear communication between volunteers and MBC members is very important. Many of the kids speak more than 2 languages (English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, etc.) – perhaps they can teach you something?

Be fit and healthy
The MBC programme is active and you will be expected to participate so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Be good with kids
Important that you are good with kids and can be patient with them.

What’s included in the cost?

• Airport pick-up
• Self-Catered Accommodation
• Free surfing lessons
• Use of Surf Equipment
• There is a house manager (24 hour emergency contact person) who stays in the volunteer house
There is a donation for MBC built into your weekly project fee. This donation keeps our MBC bus running. Without our bus we are not able to run our program. MBC has no paid staff and no other regular source of income other than our volunteers project fee donation.

What’s not included?

• Flights
• Travel Insurance
• Visas
• Food (Self-Catering)
• Criminal Record Check (CRB)

How many volunteers will I be staying with?

You will be staying with a maximum of 4 volunteers in the house and an MBC staff member who manages the house. Click here to see the house

How long can I volunteer for?

The minimum period you can volunteer for is 4 weeks – you may stay for as long as you like :)

How far in advance should I apply and register?

To avoid disappointment book as soon as you can – places are limited.

What  kind of items should I pack?

▪ Shoes and/or trainers (Hiking sessions)
▪ Sandals and or/flip flops
▪ Sun hat and sunglasses
▪ Towels
▪ Swimsuits
▪ Torch (for hiking through caves)
▪ Camera (take pics and make videos for MBC Blog)
▪ Laptop (for office work – it’s not all fun and games :)
▪ First Aid Kit
▪ Day rucksack/backpack
▪ Toileteries
▪ Personal items

How much spending money should I take?

The cost of living in South Africa is not too expensive although this depends on where you come from and your exchange rate. We would recommend budgeting for around £70 / $110 per week to cover living costs and entertainment. Additional costs can include tours, skydiving, surfing road trips, souvenirs, etc.

What is the best way to take money with me?

Check with your bank what overseas charges your bank cards will incur and be sure to let them know you’re traveling. The local currency is South African Rand. We advise you don’t carry large sums of money around with you each day. Rather leave extra money, passport and valuables at the house.

Do I require a Visa to travel to South Africa?

Yes. But if you stay less than 90 days, you only need a visitor’s permit/tourist visa.
If you wish to stay for longer than 90 days, it’s best to check with your local South African embassy, as the visa laws are changing and are very strict on punishing visitors who over stay their welcome.

Which vaccinations will I require?

South Africa is a malaria free area but please consult your local travel clinic with regards to what vaccinations you may require.

Can I drive in South Africa?

You must check before your depart if your driving license from your country is valid in South Africa.
South Africans drive on the left side of the road.
Volunteers sometimes rent a car to go visit many places around Cape Town or go on Road Trips up the East Coast – this is the best thing to do!

Can I take time out from volunteering to go sightseeing?

Your evenings and 3 day weekends (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) are free for you to do as you choose.
You may also choose to arrange alternative MBC activities with the kids during your ‘free time’.
Remember, your volunteer experience is yours alone to plan the most awesome time you can have! (View weekly schedule here)
Our staff have good local knowledge and can suggest tours and activities for you to do while you are here.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us on