MBC kids

A Perfect combination of city life and wilderness

Hi there!

My name is Felicia, I am from Sweden and I am going to work here at MBC for five weeks and then do some traveling for a couple of weeks until I head back home.

I arrived on Monday around noon after two long flights and I got a warm welcome from the two other volunteers which I am going to stay with. After a quick meet and greet, Felix and Semjon asked if I wanted to join them for lunch in Cape town and five minutes later we were on the train to the city.


They took me to Waterfront where we had lunch with a great view of the harbor and the ferris wheel. Later on we took a cab (which is very cheap here by the way so that’s one good way to get around here in Cape town) to the Company´s Garden; a beautiful garden oasis in the middle of all the busy roads and high houses. This was amazingly quiet and a great spot for just relaxing, laying in the grass and listening to some music while looking at the mountains, palm trees and squirrels running about. This is the perfect combination of city life and wilderness and I am going to enjoy every single second of it.



So, there I was laying in the grass so happy to finally be here in Cape Town after so much waiting, planning and with a lot of expectations and a list of things I want to accomplish and see. Learning how to surf, Shark cage diving and going on safari to name a few.

Yesterday we had our first surfing lesson. I actually managed to catch a few waves and of course accidentally swallowed a lot of salt water (a lot), which I guess is kind of included in the experience. I was surprised that, even though the waves were so huge, I could still manage to get up on the board. But I will admit that I need some more practicing and some patience before I feel super safe on the surf board. It is indeed a project to both manage the surf board, the waves and your own balance at the same time, I tell you!



Now the MBC kids are coming to the office and we are all going surfing again. I can probably learn a lot from them and I am really excited!

See you!


Summer with MBC

The first weeks are over and I have to say: It is just fun. To no time you think, that you have to work. Also because I became kind of friend with some of the kids who are joining MBC every day.



Also my surf skills became better and better. After now three weeks with mixed waves tried to switch from long boarding to short boarding. I had to recognize that the first sets with a short board are much harder than with a long board. But I keep going.



Kind Regards from the wonderful South Africa Semjon

The beginning

Hey everybody,

I am also a new volunteer in the MBC. I am from Germany and doing a gap year and will stay for the next two month in Muizenberg. It is more a contingency than that I was looking for something like this. I had an other plan for my three month in South Africa. But after my first days on the surf board and meeting some of the kids I am very happy that it happened how it did and look forward that the next two month will be great.

On the first day with kids I had to realize that I will be taught by them how to surf and not the other way round. It was very impressive what some of the kids can do with the board.

If the waves are bad we will find an other way. The kids are very creative in think up new games.


All in all the first impression of everything is very good and it is much fun to „work here“. Because in the end it is more a hobby than what we all connect with work.

Kind Regards and keep surfing!


New Volunteer On The Block

Hi everyone, my name is Caitlin and I am a new volunteer here at MBC. I have flown all the way from America to start my adventure around the world and I will be working with MBC and Learn2Surf until the middle of February. I am staying in a volunteer house in Fish Hoek, so just like the boys I have to catch a train in and home again.

Muizenberg Beach Huts MBC

Colorful Beach Huts of Muizenberg Beach


Yesterday was my first day at Learn2Surf and MBC and because the boys are on holidays I thought I would make the most of the beautiful weather Cape Town has been having and give surfing a go. I have had a couple of lessons back home but this was the first time I have hit the water in the Indian Ocean. After struggling to climb into my wetsuit and carry the board to the beach, I was excited to get in and give it a go. My first few attempts saw me falling off all over the place but I slowly got the hang of it and by the end of my lesson I was happily standing on the board. It was an incredible feeling to be riding waves in South Africa.

Muizenberg Pano

Panoramic of Muizenberg Beach



Earlier today I stalked previous blog posts and the MBC Instagram to see what I am in for and it looks like it will be a wild ride. And I am now even more convinced that it will be after meeting some of the boys! I can’t wait to spend the next couple weeks getting to know the boys better and exploring Cape Town. This promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Doos Boogie MBC

One of the boys showing off on his boogie board


I will keep you up to date on all my MBC and surfing adventures.

We’ll chat soon,


Sunshine, Sand, Surf!

School’s out for the season. The kids are on their holiday. And with more free time to surf, that is exactly what the boys have chosen to do.

After two short stops on the train ride from their home in Steenberg, the boys arrive in the morning to MBC, suit up, and spend their days and hours out at the beach. At times the boys will remember they haven’t yet had their lunch, but just as easily they’ll forget their stomach’s grumbling as the ocean calls them back into the surf.

Catching waves with the boys has been a blast! Here I am the volunteer and it’s them who have been so helpful with teaching me. They genuinely wanted to see me learn during my month here. Many times Frankie and Abel would stay nearby in the ocean and call out for me which waves I should catch. They’d yell out, “Turn your board around now! Paddle! Start paddling! Keep paddling!” Before I knew it, I was picking out my own waves and standing up more times than I could count. It’s so great to see their love for surfing and their willingness to share it with others, just as it’s been imparted to them.

Last week, taking full advantage of Muizenberg’s beautiful beaches, we organized games and fun competition for the boys, both on the sand and in the water. Frankie won both the foot race and soccer agility match. Temba came in a near second. And when it came to the surfing, everyone knew Asi would take the win. Abel, deserving a notable mention, still surfed with an injured foot. Tough boy! I had to tell him to sit it out until he knew exactly what was wrong and he finally conceded. It’s so obvious for many of these boys that being in the ocean is irresistible. Even with swollen foot, Abel admitted, “Surfing’s a part of my life. I want to be out there!”

Now as we head into the holidays, I’m bummed to say that only a few days remain before I head back home and my time at MBC comes to a close. I am so looking forward to spending this Christmas with the kids before I leave, meeting their families, and trying some local homemade South African dishes. I cannot believe how quickly this month flew by. Spending time with the boys has certainly been an honor and privilege. Each day getting to know these boys has been such a treasure, and they truly have become like my little brothers! I cannot say it enough, “Go MBC!”

beach games


A volunteer’s first day & Lessons from MBC boys

Greetings from Muizenberg!

After a quick tour around town with the staff at MBC and Learn2Surf, I was able to get my bearings of the area this first week of volunteering. Glad I have a month to make this place my little home away from home. As you walk the streets, you hear the train chugging through town on the tracks, you pass by quaint local shops and cafes, and you see the joy of locals and visitors alike basking in the warm sun of Muizenberg with its endless white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean waters.

At the MBC office, I was welcomed to my first day of work with a sweet set of tunes playing overhead. With Ant’s great taste in music, I and the rest of the friendly crew sat and worked listening to Chant Down Babylon. Just the type of rhythms and beats to get the morning going–that is, if the view out the window of the Cape’s pristine Atlantic Ocean weren’t enough.



Happy to report that today was my first introduction to a Moka Pot. Using this newly discovered contraption, Ant gave the step-by-step lesson on how to prepare the perfect double espresso. It was delicious! I can’t imagine with this fine combination of music, ocean, and coffee, what volunteer would not be ready for all that each day here may hold.

I am truly thankful and excited to be here in South Africa with this opportunity to work with the kids of the Muizenberg Beach Club. I met several of the members for the first time yesterday and very much look forward to getting to know these boys. Within minutes of them arriving at the boardroom, we changed into our wetsuits, grabbed our surfboards, and boogie boards, and headed a short walk to the beach. The boys informed me that the surf was low that afternoon and there wouldn’t be much waves to catch, but they were still eager to come and glad to be in the waters. We had some good laughs as the boys tried to teach me how to paddle, and they all assured me that I’d get it soon enough.

As of late, since the MBC bus is currently awaiting repair, the boys take a 10 min. train ride from their homes in Steenberg. Even from our first meeting, I immediately sense that each of them has a story waiting to be told. I cannot imagine the things they see in their daily lives, but what a blessing it is for them to have MBC to come to each day. Lives are genuinely being turned around through this outreach and the dedication and heart of Ant and his staff. I am so looking forward to being a part of this effort and to investing in the kiddos as much as I can this month!

And, of course, I can’t wait for us to catch some of them waves together!

Full Moon Walk

No surf yesterday for the MBC kids. No surf because it wasn’t cooking, there was just white water. No surf yesterday because it was full moon, so we decided to climb Lion’s Head and admire the sunset on the ocean and the full moon rise on the town.

Since last week, our bus isn’t fixed : Ant’s bakkie is the our only means of transport. The kids seemed to enjoy the drive, they were singing, playing and one of them took a little radio : everybody was so exited to hike up Lion’s Head.


To get to the top of Lion’s Head, it was a long walk, all around the mountain. But the view was beautiful : on the first side we could enjoy a direct view on Cape Town (City Bowl, Green Point), to the other side an amazing view to Camps Bay and its different little narrow bays and in the middle : the huge Table Mountain.


Cape Town city center

Cape Town city center


Camps Bay

Camps Bay








Table Mountain

Table Mountain

As the kids are fit, we were quickly on the top ! Unfortunately, this hike is very famous and this night, hundred people decided to climb up to enjoy the sunset… No problem : we were still the kings of the world, but with a lot of subjects.


MBC yeah !!!

MBC yeah !!!













After a hike, it’s essential to drink, water is excellent, but Coke tastes better and as the add said « share a coke with your friends », so let’s share a coke together ! But as MBC promotes an healthy way of life, and Coke isn’t really healthy, some apples are there to calm the starving stomaches and to get some energy for the way down.

Once everybody had drunk and eaten, it’s time to catch the moon ! Nothing is impossible for a MBC kid. 


Catch-the-moon-1 catch-the-moon-2 catch-the-moon-3 Catch-the-moon-4

We watched the sunset on the ocean and we just had to turn our head to enjoy the moon rise on the city.


Amazing sunset on Camps Bay

Amazing sunset on Camps Bay

Moon rise on Cape Town

Moon rise on Cape Town








Cape Town by Night

Cape Town by Night


Even if the way back was in the dark, it wasn’t a problem for the kids, they were the first in the car ! And when Ant, Julia and me arrived at the car, the kids were so quiet : nobody was spoking… They shook their arm to communicate with us. The game is : the first who speaks is loosing.

We could think the drive back will be quiet. But it wasn’t as from we were driving in the city center, the kids were screaming and singing. The excitement was for its height hen we stopped in front of the Ferrari shop…


Such an amazing hike !

Ocean Driven: The Chris Bertish Story with MBC

One of the most valuable things in MBC that we try to teach the amazing kids we work with is the ability for them to have the belief that they can be whatever they wish to be and their dreams need not be dreams. We’re always searching for new ways to inspire them alongside the local community, so when legendary big wave surfer offered tickets to the kids for the African premiere of his film, Ocean Driven, at the Galileo Open Air Cinema in Kirstenbosch, we knew the kids had to go along.

Normally at MBC we use our bus to get around and for these sort of events, however, recently it was vandalised and parts stolen. As a result, we had to use our only other method of transport to get to the gardens – Ant’s Bakkie. Squeezing seven kids and myself into the bakkie to get to Kirstenbosch from Muizenberg was a slight issue, though everybody was brimming with excitement on a picture perfect night. With the sun hanging low, the gardens had come to life in a way the kids nor myself had ever seen. Being my first and many of their first times in the botanical gardens and having heard many raving reviews of their outstanding beauty, none of us were quite as prepared for the vibrancy of the flora and their overpowering yet ultimately soothing scent.

Drinking the fresh water from Table Mountain

Drinking the fresh water from Table Mountain

Having taken our seats, everyone’s urge to explore took over as Ant led us off into the enchanted gardens. It’s appropriate to say the kids were astounded with the trails. Learning about the Cape’s past through nature; drinking the fresh water off Table Mountain; racing around the paths and Boonslang Walkway and also chasing some ducks – their enjoyment could be felt from a mile away.

With everyone’s mind in total peace from our brief exploration of the gardens, we made our way back to the cinema. Generously, Chris had given the kids perfect seats right at the front for brilliant viewing of the film with blankets (that proved to be utterly essential) and free popcorn – the best part. As everyone settled down for the film, Chris had a quick photo with the kids and made a small speech before the main event, telling us his story and how the movie was made for the kids. This had us all in awe at how this seemingly normal man had pulled through so much to achieve his goals; however, these sentiments were only exacerbated following the film.

Explorers getting a better view

Explorers getting a better view

The story told by Chris and his friends and family in the film was truly inspiring, especially for the kids. For the up-and-coming next generation of South African surfing, seeing how a local like themselves had achieved so much had evidently stirred all of their thoughts (and most of the audience included). Whilst the applause for the great cinematography rang on, Chris had a few more words to say and questions to answer for the audience. Mainly aiming them at the kids, he spoke of his own hardships on a more personal level than in the movie. Listening attentively, one message stuck very clearly in the kids minds from Chris: ‘Dream it. See it. Believe it. Achieve it.”

On our journey home, loaded into the bakkie once more but with the cover pulled over to keep the wind from getting to us and making us resemble of a tin of sardines, it was clear how much of an impact the night had on the kids. Frequently repeating the saying, they had all been motivated beyond belief by the film and rightly so. The kids of MBC are a truly special bunch, capable of achieving whatever they set out to do, and hopefully this will help them see so.

To the kids: Dream it. See it. Believe it. Achieve it. It’s only up to you, live out your dreams!

MBC meets Chris Bertish


Awesome seats right at the front


Beautiful Table Mountain and the Gardens


Flying above the trees


Skating Muizenberg with MBC

As always at MBC, when the surf ain’t up, we’re always out and about doing something active regardless. Last week, one of our kids, Asi, and myself (Dan) took to the streets of Muizenberg to cruise around the town to find some nice spots to skate and see the town from a different perspective whilst catching as much as we could on the GoPro for MBC’s first skate edit.

Following our hike up Peck’s Valley, Asi and I both remembered just how insane it would have been to hill-bomb Boyes Drive – this was our first stop. Flying down the hill on our small, wobbly boards in the baking sun overlooking the cape flats and Muizenberg was quite an extraordinary cruise – even though it was incredibly tough to take it all in whilst battling every urge to jump off your board before your face made your acquaintance with the road…

Luckily however, we both came to the end of the hills unscathed and stoked beyond belief as a result. Hooking down Old Boyes Drive and skating back along the main road, our next stop was up by Bluebird Garage (http://www.bluebirdmarket.co.za), site of the legendary Muizenberg market and a must see for all new to the town for great food and a great start to every Friday night. Passing by silkily on the smooth roads, we diverted into the back streets and residential areas of Muizenberg. Full of beautiful and colourful little houses, this quaint part of Muizenberg is heavenly to have a little walk around to get away from the main road and bustling beach – and ideal if you’re a skater for its wonderfully smooth roads.

Coming out the other side of the village, we doubled back up to Surfers Corner, where Asi broke out his bag of tricks (which were unreal for the amount of time he’s spent on a skateboard). Skating every possible spot he could trick on, Asi’s confidence was clearly growing by every attempt until he was nailing everything he set his mind to. In fact, he shredded so hard that he managed to stomp his foot through the kicktail on his board – a serious mark of commitment!

In light of all this, I managed to stick together a video from our cruise around town (it’s also my first edit) that you can check out above. To the truly remarkable kids that we get to work with here at MBC – keep shredding!

Peck’s Valley Hike with MBC

Even when the waves aren’t pumping at Muizenberg, nobody here at MBC is happy taking a day off and not being out and about. I found that out for the first time went we went hiking up Peck’s Valley (just behind our offices).


Mike leads us along the path

It had been quite a hot day and with the sun beginning to set, we – Mike, Asi and fellowvolunteer Lèna – set off up the valley in perfect hiking conditions with a strong wind keeping us cool. As we followed the rocky trail up, led by Mike, our guide for the day, I was quickly shown the extent and beauty of the Cape Flats that are so visible from the beginning of the hike.

The walk up was swift with everyone keeping a good pace, stopping only to drink from some of the great fresh water streams that had filtered through the rocks and fell down the cliffs. After around an hour of climbing we hit the top of the valley and were presented with an open landscape. Unscathed and sand covered with mountains as far as the eye could see – it was closed to perfection in my hiking eye. We battled on across the plain against the howling wind toward the caves where I was told we’d be able to crawl around and explore (when we eventually found them).


Up the Valley we go

However, following finding them I was completely astounded. Mike and Asi hurriedly took us into the darkness assuring Lèna and I that they knew the caves like the back of their hands, though after a few tense minutes of crawling we were all a little confused as to where our exit was. Though this was a slight issue, everyone was completely relaxed by the serenity of the caves and the wonderful silence they brought. The extent of the caves was too very impressive, with many smaller tunnels running far deeper into the mountains; we could only wonder where they’d take us if we were small enough to fit. After a few photos were taken, Mike then found us the exit through a gap in the rocks and a path back down the mountains.


The path – completely open and gracing us with mountains as far as our eyes could see

Stumbling back down the mountain covered in soot from the charred plants and with tired legs after running sections of the path and hopping from rocks, everyone was clearly tired from the hike. Regardless, it was clear how inspired by the enjoyment it brought we all were and ready itching to do a few more. Once again the MBC dudes have shown me an epic day out and I can only wonder where this experience will take us all next.





Asi, Mike, Lèna and I (Dan) stoked at the top of the valley being blinded by the sun trying to take a selfie



Beautiful views of Cape Point from a cliff edge