Skydiving Weekend in Cape Town

Another great week of the surfing project has passed by and as usual I can’t help myself planning something extraordinary for the weekend. Three volunteers from the house and I booked skydiving for Sunday! The jump was going to be from 9000 feet, crazy! Since the skydiving was only 40 min drive from Cape Town the plan was to go there on Saturday and stay overnight. When I was at Table Mountain a few weeks ago I heard that the Waterfront was worth a visit, a place where you can look at the harbour and check out the huge shopping mall. I bought some clothes that I didn’t pack and loaded up with souvenirs and Christmas presents for my family and friends for when I go home to Sweden. It feels so strange for me to see all the Christmas decorations when we’re in summer here. I’m used to it being a dark and snowy season. After a chilled-out day, we went to a restaurant, still at the Waterfront, and had pasta which was very appreciated since I was starving. It was a beautiful set-up with the water, the people and the views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. That night, we went out on Long Street, giving us a taste of the area’s famous bars and pubs – we had such a good time. Next day, with a few hours’ sleep, we were off to the skydiving. I felt so freaking excited! I have wanted to do it for two years in Sweden but it has been cancelled every time. Finally I was going to do it. Arriving, we got some info, put our gear on and decided between having pictures and a video of the skydiving. Going up in the plane I was surprised how high up we were – I asked and it was only halfway up! I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach but with such a spectacular view, my mind was at rest. I could see all of Cape Town and beyond. After this point it all went fast. Right before the door opened you got the instructions of how to act while jumping out. No time for hesitating. Falling from the plane was an overwhelming, adrenaline-rush, amazing feeling. Then the parachute was released and everything became so calm and enjoyable. Back on the ground, surviving, I just wanted to do it all over again. I love the adrenaline rush, I could honestly live on it. Definitely going to do it again one day from a higher level. It would be hard to imagine a cooler place to skydive, especially for such good value for money. Cheers for a perfect weekend. Looking forward to a new week with new experiences.

Charlotte, Swedish volunteer.

Water Front a stunning day!

A stunning day at the Waterfront.

The skydiving plane.

The skydiving plane.