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My first week @ MBC

Hey everyone!

My name’s Helen and I’m just beginning my first week of six, volunteering at Muizenberg Beach Club. I met the kids yesterday, and I think its fair to say that they are already better at surfing than I will ever be. They have so much energy!

mbc-1 smaller

I’m really excited to be here. With my endless list of things to do and see, I’m not sure six weeks will be enough. Top of my list is climbing Table Mountain, although definitely using the easier route; shortly followed by seeing the penguins at Boulders Beach.

MBC-2 smaller

I’ve never visited South Africa before, and as someone who was brought up in a comfortable home in England, I was quite shocked by some if the poverty here. It makes me very glad that there are projects like this that are working to improve the lives of kids who have grown up in some pretty tough conditions.

MBC-3 smaller

I have to say, I was struck by how polite the kids are. Each of them was keen to shake my hand and introduce themselves, and I have no doubt that they all have so much potential to grow up to do great things. Hopefully as a volunteer I’ll be able to help give them the opportunities that they deserve; keeping them from getting involved in gangs, and allowing them to get out and enjoy themselves.

Adios for now, I’ll let you know how it goes


Last week at MBC project…

Time runs so fast…

…unfortunately I have to realize that there are only 10 days left until I have to fly back home. Today my friends in Germany text me that it is still snowing over there. So I guess, I will miss the sun, the lovely Muizenberg Beach and of course the MBC project. But now I don’ t wanna think about leaving, I’ m still here.

Having a good time at Muizenberg Beach


The last days with the MBC kids were fully packed with exciting events. School holidays has just started! Last week the kids and me enjoyed some great days at the beach full of surfing, relaxing and just having fun. Waves were quite brilliant but as a consequence too many surfers outside ;)

On Tuesday we went to “Lifestyle Surfschool” to try on brand new, super cool wetsuits which will be sponsored to the MBC kids.



Just taking a shower after a great surf





I should not forget to report about the big soccer match against the Surfshack kids last Thursday. We have been all quite excited. Both talented teams met at the soccer field in Muizenberg. After a 50 minutes head-to-head fair play filled with struggle, swaet and fun the winner was absolutely visible. The MBC kids made the match (5:1!!!) against Surfshack. Atmosphere on our way back was just excellent.


“1, 2, 3 MBC!!!”


head-to-head against the Surfshack kids


We made the match!!!(:

The MBC soccer team


I still can’ t belive that I had the oppertunity to come to South Africa. The last 3 weeks I collect so many different impressions and made some important life experience which will definitely shape me and my life. I have an amazing time here in Cape Town and at MBC project!! One of my favorite activities here was climbing up on Table Mountain. After a 2 hour hiking tour it seemed like being at the end of my rope. But as soon as we reached top of Table Mountain all effort has blown away… The view was just incredible!!!


On top of Table Mountain


Anna, Germany

Table Mountain & Signal Hill

I’m Florent and I’m with my two roomates Friedl (photograph) and Samy (volonteer) to share with you one of our most incredible journey in South Afrika !

Saturday 20th September : Table Mountain & Signal Hill

DSC_0088Table Mountain

 Perfect day to go hiking with the other volonteers of the MBC on Table mountain: amazing sky, not too much wind, just the long road between us and the top!

DSC_0149One objectif : Reach the sun !

From the first step of the climb, you can see a breach between two mountains. Then, every step makes you watch the valley better than your feets: Cape town, the Sea, and Lion’s Head on the left.

DSC_0283-2Lion’s Head from Signal Hill

After 30 minutes, you can’t see Lion’s head anymore, and it gets colder because you are exactly between the two mountains. No more sun, but an amazing view with water falling from the top on the left,  big and pretty stones on the right.

DSC_170Cape Town during the walk

And after 1hour30, we are in the gorge. Explosion of the sun, after 30 minutes with the head so close to the floor, we finally reach the sky !!


Far away, our second objective : Signal Hill for sunset. Just the time to take the cable car, and here we go !

DSC_0272DSC_0272Signal Hill from the top of table mountain

Signal Hill : It’s 17h45. Sunset is expected around 18h30, just enough time to enjoy the landscape around, table mountain in our back, and the endless sea in front of us.


We walked through the grass to find the perfect view, crossing the road of lovers and other tourist.



And soudainly, it’s happen. Sunset. No more words, enjoy the view.



Florent, Friedl and Samy

Climbed Table Mountain!

Me, Matt, Matilda, Anton, Freddie (the volunteers from Muizenberg Beach Club) and others from the volunteer house went into Cape Town and of course when your in Cape Town you have to go up Table Mountain.

Unfortunately for us it was too windy to take the cable car so we had to hike. We got a taxi up to the start of the climb and were already amazed by the views. After making sure we followed the usual advice that we had enough water and appropriate footwear (or flip flops in Matt’s case), we began our ascent.




It was a tough climb but we had the excuse of stopping to admire the view and take piccies as a chance to rest.


It took us an hour and a half to get to the top and were not prepared for how cold it got but the views soon made us forget that!




The descent was quicker but still quite tough, and it made our legs ache, but definitely worthwhile (just so you can say you’ve done it). Afterwards we got in a taxi to the Waterfront to have a well earned meal and a drink then headed back to Fish Hoek, tired but buzzing about our great weekend.


/ Katie, volunteer from the UK

My First Week


My name’s Rob and I’m MBC’s newest volunteer. I’m a bit of a blogging virgin so here goes. I’ve had a crazy first week here in South Africa so I’m going try and sum it up. I got the bus from Joberg into Cape Town last Monday and started volunteering with MBC on Tuesday. In the mornings we get to practise our surfing and improve our skills. I came here an absolute beginner but since have started to be able to stand up and catch some waves! It’s an unreal experience. At first I was using the long boards but now in my second week, I’ve progressed to the short boards. These are a lot more difficult and require more balance. It’s fun but I’m usually knackered by lunch. After something to eat and some office work, we usually go and collect the kids who have just finished school. The children are great, full of energy, maybe too much energy… On the Tuesday and Friday afternoon we took them surfing at Muizenberg, they really know their stuff. On Wednesday we played soccer with them.  They really enjoy it and are very appreciative of getting the chance to do these activities. 

On Wednesday evening I experienced my first braai, which I’ve learned is what the South Africans call a barbecue. It was cool spending time with the other volunteers. The volunteers I’m with have come from all over the world; America, Sweden, the UK, the list goes on. So it’s pretty interesting learning about and getting to know them. 
We have the weekends free on the project so on Saturday I headed to the Cape Town centre with Hannah. We went to the waterfront, looking round various shops and restaurants, even had time for a quick haircut in a retro barber shop. It was a chill afternoon and soon enough we headed back to our hostel to meet the Swedish girls, also MBC volunteers. We had a braai and experienced the famous long street nightlife. On Sunday we did something a bit more adventurous: paragliding from Signal hill, next to Table Mountain.
It was awesome, flying over the buildings below, definitely a cool way to see the city. We ended the weekend in Camps Bay, just outside of Cape Town, siting on the rocks watching the beautiful sunset. 
And now I’m back in Muizenberg and the project goes on! 
It’s a really ace set up here and I can’t wait for my next 3 weeks with MBC!
Robert, volunteer from Scotland