Swedish girl

Our first week!

The first thing that we noticed when we arrived in Cape Town was the beautiful weather, next what a beautiful place it is. After getting to the volunteer house, settling in, meeting the other volunteers and having a traditional South African meal of bobotie, we all crashed out to sleep off the flight and be ready for our projects in the morning.

The next morning we got up bright and early to have our first experience of South African public transport. We got on a crowded minibus-taxi to the train station and then took the train to Muizenberg. The train ride was amazing with a stunning view of the sea and beaches all the way from Fish Hoek to Muizenberg.Once we arrived at our project and met Ant and Maddy we were ready for our first surf! Luca gave us our first surfing lesson and we all managed to stand up before the session was over (a few seconds counts!).

After exploring Muizenberg and a bit of lunch it was time to meet the kids for the first time. The kids were great at surfing – defo better then us and we were all really impressed!


Time to hit the waves!


Getting ready to surf

The next few days we worked on our surfing, played soccer and went hiking with the Muizenberg Beach Club kids. The hiking was great as we got to see a bit of the surrounding area we probably wouldn’t have otherwise – Kleinplaas Dam was beautiful and also gave us a chance to chat to the kids a bit more and get to know them better.


Anton hiking!

Frankie, Anton and Godfrey


Asi, Mike, Yanga and Freddie hiking!



The guys!


Phantom and the guys playing soccer

We had a great weekend relaxing and soaking up the sun. We celebrated Australia Day and had a party at the volunteer house with burgers, games and a waterslide! We are all very excited to be in South Africa and are looking forward to the next few weeks working with Muizenberg Beach Club!

/ Katie and Matt (volunteers from Britain) and Freddie, Matilda and Anton (volunteers from Sweden)

Skydiving Weekend in Cape Town

Another great week of the surfing project has passed by and as usual I can’t help myself planning something extraordinary for the weekend. Three volunteers from the house and I booked skydiving for Sunday! The jump was going to be from 9000 feet, crazy! Since the skydiving was only 40 min drive from Cape Town the plan was to go there on Saturday and stay overnight. When I was at Table Mountain a few weeks ago I heard that the Waterfront was worth a visit, a place where you can look at the harbour and check out the huge shopping mall. I bought some clothes that I didn’t pack and loaded up with souvenirs and Christmas presents for my family and friends for when I go home to Sweden. It feels so strange for me to see all the Christmas decorations when we’re in summer here. I’m used to it being a dark and snowy season. After a chilled-out day, we went to a restaurant, still at the Waterfront, and had pasta which was very appreciated since I was starving. It was a beautiful set-up with the water, the people and the views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. That night, we went out on Long Street, giving us a taste of the area’s famous bars and pubs – we had such a good time. Next day, with a few hours’ sleep, we were off to the skydiving. I felt so freaking excited! I have wanted to do it for two years in Sweden but it has been cancelled every time. Finally I was going to do it. Arriving, we got some info, put our gear on and decided between having pictures and a video of the skydiving. Going up in the plane I was surprised how high up we were – I asked and it was only halfway up! I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach but with such a spectacular view, my mind was at rest. I could see all of Cape Town and beyond. After this point it all went fast. Right before the door opened you got the instructions of how to act while jumping out. No time for hesitating. Falling from the plane was an overwhelming, adrenaline-rush, amazing feeling. Then the parachute was released and everything became so calm and enjoyable. Back on the ground, surviving, I just wanted to do it all over again. I love the adrenaline rush, I could honestly live on it. Definitely going to do it again one day from a higher level. It would be hard to imagine a cooler place to skydive, especially for such good value for money. Cheers for a perfect weekend. Looking forward to a new week with new experiences.

Charlotte, Swedish volunteer.

Water Front a stunning day!

A stunning day at the Waterfront.

The skydiving plane.

The skydiving plane.



1387869_10201129576031090_81657067_nWednesday did offer a great day for out-door! Spending some hours surfing and then fresh up and get some lunch really put you in a good mood. I was excited to meet the MBC members for the first time and today it was soccer on the schedule. You could really tell that they had arrived because of all the energy they had. It was a nice time playing soccer with the kids and time flew by while being all into the game. Some of them are very competitive, still it’s all for fun and not so serious. It was so cute when one of the boys told me I was a good soccer player, it’s a sport I like but haven’t been playing for many years. That’s what I love about MBC, you get to do all of these activities you wouldn´t do at home.  Tomorrow we have the surfing with the kids and on Friday we are going on a hike to the Devils Peak. Hope the weather will be on our side. I did expect it to be a lot warmer here now, but because of the wind and the fact that it´s only the start of the summer you still need to wear warm clothes. However, next week it’s predicted to be sunnier. Compared to Sweden where I come from it is a lot better weather, I don’t miss the autumn at home now!

Charlotte, 20 Swedish volunteer