MBC Beach Hut Remodel

On January 13th the boys who attend the Muizenberg Beach Club started their new school year. Which for them means no more days spent entirely at the beach bounding out to surf and boogie board. For us, as volunteers, it means that things settle into a rhythm of surf, office, and time spent with the boys.

It also means that the volunteers are having to rewire their brains off of summer vacation and back into real life.

What I want to share with you today is a short video that was put together from clips of one of the first days I spent with the MBC boys. Someone had vandalized our beach hut and we needed to give the inside a fresh coat of paint. It was a very long and tiring day but it was so much fun to spend all day with the boys and really get to start knowing them.

Now that there is a small tribe of volunteers I think we are going to be able to do some truly incredible things with the MBC boys. The basic schedule guidelines suggest that we do things beyond surfing such as take the boys for a hike or play soccer. Personally I’m hoping for a bit of volleyball to make up for my mediocre skills with soccer.


Caitlin [USA]

The Reborn Ball

Last Friday after a whole week of perfect waves the wind changed to make the waves choppy again. So it was time for MBC soccer. We went to a field right outside Muizenberg next to the lake.

Chasing hard for the ball

Chasing hard for the ball


We were playing for a few minutes before one of the boys took a hard shot. With wind coming from the back the ball was rolling faster than any of us could run. As the result the ball went into the lake and our little match was over. Watching the ball drifting away we were disappointed. Out on the lake were some windsurfers so Frankie and Godfrey got an idea. They walked up to the guys asked them to fetch the ball. These helpful guys did it and so went in our nice game. This is the kind of spirit I was talking about in my last post and shows again how confident and positive the boys are. It saved the day. After that it was MBC soccer in its best

Nice goals and terrefic saves

Nice goals and terrific saves


Sunshine, Sand, Surf!

School’s out for the season. The kids are on their holiday. And with more free time to surf, that is exactly what the boys have chosen to do.

After two short stops on the train ride from their home in Steenberg, the boys arrive in the morning to MBC, suit up, and spend their days and hours out at the beach. At times the boys will remember they haven’t yet had their lunch, but just as easily they’ll forget their stomach’s grumbling as the ocean calls them back into the surf.

Catching waves with the boys has been a blast! Here I am the volunteer and it’s them who have been so helpful with teaching me. They genuinely wanted to see me learn during my month here. Many times Frankie and Abel would stay nearby in the ocean and call out for me which waves I should catch. They’d yell out, “Turn your board around now! Paddle! Start paddling! Keep paddling!” Before I knew it, I was picking out my own waves and standing up more times than I could count. It’s so great to see their love for surfing and their willingness to share it with others, just as it’s been imparted to them.

Last week, taking full advantage of Muizenberg’s beautiful beaches, we organized games and fun competition for the boys, both on the sand and in the water. Frankie won both the foot race and soccer agility match. Temba came in a near second. And when it came to the surfing, everyone knew Asi would take the win. Abel, deserving a notable mention, still surfed with an injured foot. Tough boy! I had to tell him to sit it out until he knew exactly what was wrong and he finally conceded. It’s so obvious for many of these boys that being in the ocean is irresistible. Even with swollen foot, Abel admitted, “Surfing’s a part of my life. I want to be out there!”

Now as we head into the holidays, I’m bummed to say that only a few days remain before I head back home and my time at MBC comes to a close. I am so looking forward to spending this Christmas with the kids before I leave, meeting their families, and trying some local homemade South African dishes. I cannot believe how quickly this month flew by. Spending time with the boys has certainly been an honor and privilege. Each day getting to know these boys has been such a treasure, and they truly have become like my little brothers! I cannot say it enough, “Go MBC!”

beach games


My first week at MBC

Hey… May I shortly introduce myself…?;)

I’ m Anna, 18 years old. I normally live in a small town in Germany far away from South Africa, Cape Town where I just started volunteering at Muizenberg Beach Club.

Full of anticipation on sun, beach, surfing and a good time at MBC project I started my exciting journey to my world’ s other end.

On Monday I finally arrived at Ant’ s house in Muizenberg where I will stay the coming 4 weeks. After he showed me around the house and his lovely facility I immediately felt like I am home and fell asleep tiredly and curiously for the next day.

On Tuesday my first day at MBC project started. I waited excitedly until the kids arrived at 3.30 pm for their one hour surf session which I enjoyed with them. After my first day with the kids they’ ve made me already feel like being part of their team.


#warm-up #readytosurf?

On Thursday we met for playing soccer together at a field near Muizenberg.


#soccer #havingfun

On top of that my personal highlight of the week with the MBC kids was the soccer game on Friday at Athlone Stadium, it was also Phila’ s 19th birthday. After visiting Muizenberg Market we picked the kids up to the stadium. In aid of flags and vuvuzelas we cheered for Ajax Cape Town who finally made the match against Bloemfontain Celtic.



#cheering #AjaxCapeTown

I enjoyed my weekend staying with some friends in Cape Town where we climbed on Lion’ s Head, spotted Cape Town nightlife and just relaxed at Cliffton Beach.


#Lion’sHead #amazingview

Now it has been more than a week when Ant welcomed me heartly in Muizenberg and I’ ve already fell in love with the beautiful and breathtaking landscape of South Africa.

I just can say that I am really looking forward to spend my next weeks at MBC project!!

See you, Anna :-)

My 4 weeks with MBC

I’m Selina, a volunteer from Germany and I decided to come back to South Africa to do another volunteering program. This is now my 4th week in  Muizenberg, South Africa, and also my last week unfortunately. It’s my first time in Muizenberg and it is a really nice town as everyone is really friendly there and you get to meet a lot of different people. This is a picture of where I work during the week. Can’t complain!



                                                                                                                Me, Harry, Whymth and Sorcha

I’ve never done surfing before so I was really excited on my first day to learn it. At the beginning I found it a bit hard but during my stay I improved  my surfing skills and it was a lot of fun! One of my highlights was the surfing in the mornings and in the afteroon with the kids. All of the MBC boys are so lovely and it’s always fun to hang out with them. I’m really going to miss them! Every morning I was looking forward to go surfing with the kids, play soccer or go for a hike with them and it was so nice to see how excited they got every time we went surfing. It was great to see that the kids tried to get more people coming to MBC and to learn how to surf as well and spend their free time efficiently.


During the weekends the volunteers have time to see a lot of Cape Town or other places, for example we hiked up Table Mountain and visited Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island.

image (4)



Some of the volunteers at Cape Point

I can highly recommend to volunteer at MBC and hope that all the following volunteers will have an amazing time as I had!



Beach Soccer Jan 2015


Soccer is widely referred to as the beautiful game both for the skill and beauty of the game itself, but also for its effect on all who play it. No matter age, size or economic standing, soccer has the ability to transcend all man made barriers and unite all who play it in a common shared love of game.


So it was we found ourselves on one of the most picturesque beaches in Cape Town if not all of South Africa, a 38 y.o native South African, a 33 y.o German, a 21 y.o Aussie and a host of MBC kids aged between 10 and 14, all brought together by our affinity for the beautiful game.

A scrappy game of 3-a-side was brought to an abrupt end by the arrival of a group of local teenagers and soon enough we had a decent 6-a-side game underway. Add to the mix another middle aged local and a Japanese tourist and we became a perfect example of soccer’s ability to bring anyone and everyone together.


We must have played for at least an hour and probably more in the baking mid afternoon heat before an exodus of local players brought the game to a halt with smiles all round. There was just enough time for a cool off in the ocean before the traffic clogged drive home.

Soccer works on so many levels to bring people together and today was proof of its powers to make people’s lives just that much better.


Every Thursday is soccer day at MBC.
Not much to say about it, just look at the pictures to see how the kids enjoy it!


Soccer field in Muizenberg


Siya in action


Goalkeeper Asi




Kiyaan’s dream: Become a professional soccer player


Yamkela – practicing some Kung Fu kicks




Siya again




Wayden taking a selfie in Anna’s sunglasses




It’s all about fun


Happy and exhausted kids :-)

You want to know more?
Just read the other blogs :-)

Hiking with Paul the „Rastaman“

Hiking with Paul was the order of the last two Fridays at Muizenberg Beach Club. Paul is a local Hiking guide and knows the mountains and the natural environment around Cape Town like the back of his hand. He is a good role model and the best person bringing the MBC kids in close contact with the nature, even if hiking isn’t their favourite activity. They gave him likeably the name “Rastaman”, because of his long dreadlocks and his black sunglasses he wears all the time.

At the first Friday the weather was almost perfect: really good conditions of visibility, unfortunately it was 30° and a bit too hot for hiking. But Paul knew a nice and shady walk through Tokai forest located between Muizenberg and the city centre of Cape Town. When we arrived there with the MBC bus, the kids found a tree bearing the so called “baboon fruits” in the near of our parking lot. They filled their pockets with the little red fruits as much as they can. And the volunteers tried the foreign and sweet fruits having a consistency like grapes or litchis with a big kernel inside. After ten minutes everybody was strengthened and we could start the walk through the forest leisurely.

We took a break at a rugby pitch with a well-groomed appearance. Because Paul gave the advice of taking a ball with us before we have started the walk, we could grasp at the chance to play some soccer or rather penalty. Paul applied voluntarily being the goal keeper and prepared himself professionally for his job.


Paul as a goalkeeper

So both kids and volunteers tried to score a goal from a distance of nearly 10 metres and everyone had his own technique in doing so. Sometimes with only one shoe like Wayden chose it or even by choosing a corner casually like Siminkiwe did.






Mike’s taking photos from Paul and Friedl in action

In cooperation with our excellent photographer Mike it is possible to present you these snapshots of this soccer event.


Paul and Samy in action


Paul and Phila in action

Ultimately the final was composed of the volunteers Samy and me or rather France and Germany. Especially Samy fought passionately in French manner for his country and his hometown PESSAC in the near of Bordeaux. But in the end Germany won this penalty which is not surprising as the German national team won the soccer world championship this year as well. Therefore we refreshed the memory of the last game between France and Germany in which Mats Hummels scored decisively with a header.

But back to the hiking trip…


Relaxed hiking and enjoying the nature


Nice view in front of the group

After the thrilling soccer break the walk was continued in an unhurried kind, so that there was enough time to explore the environment like Simikiwe did or time to pose for some photographs like Asi did.





On the second Friday the MBC kids were represented by only three guys, but Phila, Yamkela and Wayden were ready for the next hiking. The weather was as good as on the first Friday and Paul chose the area of Constantia where the view was not obscured by clouds or fog. We hiked rapidly, so that there was no time for taking some photos. After almost 30 minutes we got to the top of the mountain Eagles’ Nest and first everyone enjoyed the nice view up to the sea.


No words are needed … just enjoy!

Phila conquered the white pillar which symbolises the peak of the mountain and Wayden found a nice place for watching the environment closely.





And Anna and me, we took some photographic proofs that we coped with the hike successfully.


Anna ‘Banana’ and Anna ‘Montana’

Like you can see on the pictures the wind was blowing really strong, so that as a bad incident the sunglasses of Anna became damaged by losing a side of them. Wayden and her mourned together for it some minutes.


Wayden and Anna aren’t really happy :(

We finished drinking in the beauty of the view and of the first impressions after 10 minutes. Subsequently Paul found via Internet and GPS the coordinates of the guestbook of the peak and a little box with odds and ends, which was hidden in a sheltered place. In contrast to Paul being as cool as a cucumber the whole time, Samy seemed to be really excited.


Paul, Phila and Samy

Every little mountain climber should complete some tasks on the top of a mountain like leaving a note in the guestbook…


Notes in the guestbook

…or exchanging little something from yourself for little something from the box. Yamkela presented some stuff which he found in the box and chose a little red handcrafted pocket with some Band-Aids in it.



The way back to the bus was quite relaxing and there was some time for talking like Samy and Phila did.


Phila and Samy

I am sure that the next hiking trips with Paul and the MBC kids will be as much fun as the last two ones I was allowed to experience and I am looking forward to them. Until then have a nice time.

Anna ‘Banana’ (from Germany)

MBC Olympics

What a historical day!! Nobody will forget the first MBC Olympic Games at this amazing beach in mama Africa’s home.
It was a important day for the kids. The kids competed in 5 games. We started with a fast warm up because the kids were really excited to start the competition.
First game was a 60m run, on time. The first runner was Siminkiwe, he start really power full and finished in a really good time. Sia also gave us his best.

running MBC

The fastest runner was Siminkiwe

MBC running

Sia goes fast

Second game was to score a ball into a blue bucket 15 meters away. In this game the kids who play soccer have a bigger chance to score than the surfer of the group perhaps.


soccer game


socer 2

MBC soccer game


Wayden start’s the next game were it was important to know something about South Africa. Adrian was the next which was tested for its expertise, and these questions were more difficult than the kids expected.


Wayden is always smiling


“questions” game Nr. 3 of the MBC olympics

The next round we were extremely excited. It was a talent show where the kids can show us whatever they want. We had no idea what to expect as a jury. Yamkela and Kiyaam took our breath away. Yamkela was doing some crazy jumps in the air, and Kiyaam played drums on a surfboard. Which was really cool!


Yamkela – king of the MBC backflip


Kiyamm the drummer

The final competition was surfing. 5 minutes in the water and try to catch as many waves you can. Asi is a very deticated surfer and was really looking forward to this competition.


Asi best MBC surfer


MBC surf

Last game was surfing

It was a fair competition for the kids with very different games, so each kid had a chance to win gold, silver or bronze medals. After this day we had a lot winners because all the kids did a fantastic job this day. Phila win the gold medal, Asi silver medal and Kiyaam the bronze medal.


The first MBC Olympics gold meddle winner 2014


yeeeaaahhhhhh Muizenberg Beach Club first Olympics!!!!!!

My first weeks with MBC

I’m Anna, a new volunteer from Norway. I arrived a couple of weeks ago and I really love it here.  The people are so friendly, the kids are awesome, the nature is breathtaking and the surf is good!

I was really nervous before I left, it’s a long way from Norway to South-Africa, but once I arrived here all my worries disappeared.
Muizenberg is really a lovely place to be. It feels safe and I already feel at home here.


I’ve met the kids and they are so cool. They all have such different personalities and a lot of energy! It’s so much fun spending time with them!
We have been surfing and playing soccer on the beach.

bilde 1

bilde 2

bilde 4
It’s so much fun surfing with the kids, you can see they are all smiling the whole time and having such a good time in the water. And they are really good!


I’m staying here for 3 months and I really look forward to getting to know the children better and have loads of fun with them!

I also look forward to see all the cool places around here.

(Anna, volunteer from Norway)