Sunshine, Sand, Surf!

School’s out for the season. The kids are on their holiday. And with more free time to surf, that is exactly what the boys have chosen to do.

After two short stops on the train ride from their home in Steenberg, the boys arrive in the morning to MBC, suit up, and spend their days and hours out at the beach. At times the boys will remember they haven’t yet had their lunch, but just as easily they’ll forget their stomach’s grumbling as the ocean calls them back into the surf.

Catching waves with the boys has been a blast! Here I am the volunteer and it’s them who have been so helpful with teaching me. They genuinely wanted to see me learn during my month here. Many times Frankie and Abel would stay nearby in the ocean and call out for me which waves I should catch. They’d yell out, “Turn your board around now! Paddle! Start paddling! Keep paddling!” Before I knew it, I was picking out my own waves and standing up more times than I could count. It’s so great to see their love for surfing and their willingness to share it with others, just as it’s been imparted to them.

Last week, taking full advantage of Muizenberg’s beautiful beaches, we organized games and fun competition for the boys, both on the sand and in the water. Frankie won both the foot race and soccer agility match. Temba came in a near second. And when it came to the surfing, everyone knew Asi would take the win. Abel, deserving a notable mention, still surfed with an injured foot. Tough boy! I had to tell him to sit it out until he knew exactly what was wrong and he finally conceded. It’s so obvious for many of these boys that being in the ocean is irresistible. Even with swollen foot, Abel admitted, “Surfing’s a part of my life. I want to be out there!”

Now as we head into the holidays, I’m bummed to say that only a few days remain before I head back home and my time at MBC comes to a close. I am so looking forward to spending this Christmas with the kids before I leave, meeting their families, and trying some local homemade South African dishes. I cannot believe how quickly this month flew by. Spending time with the boys has certainly been an honor and privilege. Each day getting to know these boys has been such a treasure, and they truly have become like my little brothers! I cannot say it enough, “Go MBC!”

beach games


Full Moon Walk

No surf yesterday for the MBC kids. No surf because it wasn’t cooking, there was just white water. No surf yesterday because it was full moon, so we decided to climb Lion’s Head and admire the sunset on the ocean and the full moon rise on the town.

Since last week, our bus isn’t fixed : Ant’s bakkie is the our only means of transport. The kids seemed to enjoy the drive, they were singing, playing and one of them took a little radio : everybody was so exited to hike up Lion’s Head.


To get to the top of Lion’s Head, it was a long walk, all around the mountain. But the view was beautiful : on the first side we could enjoy a direct view on Cape Town (City Bowl, Green Point), to the other side an amazing view to Camps Bay and its different little narrow bays and in the middle : the huge Table Mountain.


Cape Town city center

Cape Town city center


Camps Bay

Camps Bay








Table Mountain

Table Mountain

As the kids are fit, we were quickly on the top ! Unfortunately, this hike is very famous and this night, hundred people decided to climb up to enjoy the sunset… No problem : we were still the kings of the world, but with a lot of subjects.


MBC yeah !!!

MBC yeah !!!













After a hike, it’s essential to drink, water is excellent, but Coke tastes better and as the add said « share a coke with your friends », so let’s share a coke together ! But as MBC promotes an healthy way of life, and Coke isn’t really healthy, some apples are there to calm the starving stomaches and to get some energy for the way down.

Once everybody had drunk and eaten, it’s time to catch the moon ! Nothing is impossible for a MBC kid. 


Catch-the-moon-1 catch-the-moon-2 catch-the-moon-3 Catch-the-moon-4

We watched the sunset on the ocean and we just had to turn our head to enjoy the moon rise on the city.


Amazing sunset on Camps Bay

Amazing sunset on Camps Bay

Moon rise on Cape Town

Moon rise on Cape Town








Cape Town by Night

Cape Town by Night


Even if the way back was in the dark, it wasn’t a problem for the kids, they were the first in the car ! And when Ant, Julia and me arrived at the car, the kids were so quiet : nobody was spoking… They shook their arm to communicate with us. The game is : the first who speaks is loosing.

We could think the drive back will be quiet. But it wasn’t as from we were driving in the city center, the kids were screaming and singing. The excitement was for its height hen we stopped in front of the Ferrari shop…


Such an amazing hike !

Table Mountain & Signal Hill

I’m Florent and I’m with my two roomates Friedl (photograph) and Samy (volonteer) to share with you one of our most incredible journey in South Afrika !

Saturday 20th September : Table Mountain & Signal Hill

DSC_0088Table Mountain

 Perfect day to go hiking with the other volonteers of the MBC on Table mountain: amazing sky, not too much wind, just the long road between us and the top!

DSC_0149One objectif : Reach the sun !

From the first step of the climb, you can see a breach between two mountains. Then, every step makes you watch the valley better than your feets: Cape town, the Sea, and Lion’s Head on the left.

DSC_0283-2Lion’s Head from Signal Hill

After 30 minutes, you can’t see Lion’s head anymore, and it gets colder because you are exactly between the two mountains. No more sun, but an amazing view with water falling from the top on the left,  big and pretty stones on the right.

DSC_170Cape Town during the walk

And after 1hour30, we are in the gorge. Explosion of the sun, after 30 minutes with the head so close to the floor, we finally reach the sky !!


Far away, our second objective : Signal Hill for sunset. Just the time to take the cable car, and here we go !

DSC_0272DSC_0272Signal Hill from the top of table mountain

Signal Hill : It’s 17h45. Sunset is expected around 18h30, just enough time to enjoy the landscape around, table mountain in our back, and the endless sea in front of us.


We walked through the grass to find the perfect view, crossing the road of lovers and other tourist.



And soudainly, it’s happen. Sunset. No more words, enjoy the view.



Florent, Friedl and Samy

Hiking trip in Table Mountain National Park

Hiking is a really popular activity for both kids and volunteers. The kids like it because the trips usually go to a place where you can swim. The volunteers like it because then they have time to talk to the kids and get to know them better.

So last Friday Ant, Zeus, Saskia, Will and me fetched the kids in the MBC bus and went to an area in the mountains close to Muizenberg. A waterfall with natural swimming pools in one hour walking distance was the destination of the trip.

IMG_5301Ant and the MBC kids discovering the way to the waterfall

The path leading there alternated with adventurous footpaths, stony stairs and wooden bridges. Along the way the kids played football or climbed on high rocks with Ant.

IMG_5309Summiteers Ant, Kiyaam, Themba and Siya


After a half hour walk we arrived at the “waterfall” which unfortunately was no waterfall at all. Due to the last weeks of too little rain it was only a runlet and the swimming pools were just 10 inches deep. But still there was enough water to slake the thirst. The kids as well as the volunteers enjoyed cooling their hot faces under the waterfall.

Hiking-1Themba, Kiyaam and Siminkiwe

Saskia, Will and me decided to follow a couple of kids (Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya) who had left the rest of the group to explore the closer area. After some time, that felt like five minutes, the three Europeans were totally lost in the South African jungle. We followed a small stream until the thicket became impassible. Right before turning around we heard Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya. They were somewhere up a hill and shouting our names. They even shaked some smaller trees to guide us the way towards them. We tried to find a way to them but they were unsure of their whereabouts as well so it was hopeless.


Hiking-3Into the wild…

We decided to wander back to the waterfall where the rest of the group was waiting and splashing in the water.

DCIM100GOPROLost boys Kiyaam, Cameron and Siya

Hiking-4Climbing up the waterfall

I had some chocolate cookies that I gave to the kids – they finished the sweets within seconds. When it was time to leave we packed our stuff and the kids were still motivated and carried Saskia’s and my backpack. Maybe they just wanted to get some extra stars for the MBC star chart but for us the way back passed off easily. We returned back to the bus in the warm afternoon sun all tired and hot but feeling a sense of achievement to have hiked far!

Anna, MBC volunteer from Germany and Will, MBC volunteer from England

Climbed Table Mountain!

Me, Matt, Matilda, Anton, Freddie (the volunteers from Muizenberg Beach Club) and others from the volunteer house went into Cape Town and of course when your in Cape Town you have to go up Table Mountain.

Unfortunately for us it was too windy to take the cable car so we had to hike. We got a taxi up to the start of the climb and were already amazed by the views. After making sure we followed the usual advice that we had enough water and appropriate footwear (or flip flops in Matt’s case), we began our ascent.




It was a tough climb but we had the excuse of stopping to admire the view and take piccies as a chance to rest.


It took us an hour and a half to get to the top and were not prepared for how cold it got but the views soon made us forget that!




The descent was quicker but still quite tough, and it made our legs ache, but definitely worthwhile (just so you can say you’ve done it). Afterwards we got in a taxi to the Waterfront to have a well earned meal and a drink then headed back to Fish Hoek, tired but buzzing about our great weekend.


/ Katie, volunteer from the UK

Monkey Business

IMGP0735With so much natural beauty to be found in the Western Cape it would be a tragedy for the boys (and myself) not to see as much of it as possible. So Paul, our very own quailfied nature reserve guide, took us to see the baboon family at Tokai Plantation, about 10 minutes drive from Steenberg. Thanks to Yamkela’s best baboon impression, and Paul’s guidance, the baboons soon became comfortable around us. This allowed us to walk straight through the middle of the 50 strong group and see the baboons, including plenty of babies, up close.

While one of the alpha males was sitting on top of the bus we took a walk through the forest having a quick stop to make the boys bracelets out of “Bushman’s String” bark. The boys’ highlight of a very enjoyable day was seeing first two of the baboons making the beginning of the “circle of life”… well, it was a nature trip.


Hiking with MBC

Volunteer Jess with Wayden, Yamkela, Asi and Simnikiwe

Volunteer Jess with Wayden, Yamkela, Asi and Simnikiwe

“There are only a few things in life you have to worry about – one is the future and there’s nothing you can do about that. The other is the past and there’s nothing you can do about that either. You have to live in the now, because it’s the only moment that counts.”

Ant, Founder of MBC. 

Our hiking guide Paul took us on a hiking route where we got to climb an incredible waterfall. The place is a hidden treasure, most of the local population don’t even know about it.

One of the youngest Simnikiwe had fallen in the water and was drenched head to toe.

He became upset that he’d have to return home in his sodden clothes. But Ant was right, there was no point in him being worried. Only a few moments before he’d had the biggest grin on his face, hiking one of Cape Towns greatest natural beauties.

The program has so much to offer. How likely is it that children from Steenburg and volunteers from across the world come together and climb such a magnificent landscape?

At the end of every MBC day, each person walks away proud with something they’ve accomplished. Whether it be a hike up a tricky climb, catching a good wave or scoring a goal in soccer – we all gain a sense of achievement. As a volunteer, there’s nothing more worthy than seeing the smiles on the members faces. The program is invaluable to these children and the purpose of why we are here at MBC.