Breaking Bad Habits

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” Aristotle

Although I have been in South Aftica since May and surfing for nearly two months, today I had a beginners lesson and went back to basics. MBC is linked to local surf school, Learn2Surf, and with two solid hours of instructing it was exhilerating to break the bad habits. ┬áThe beauty of it was, I had no clue that I locked my legs or looked at my feet instead of to shore – and now I feel like I’ve had a surfing break through.

I, myself, believe that I have broken many of my own bad habits since coming to SA – and not just surfing ones. I no longer shuffle along, looking at the floor when I walk on my own, oblivious to my surroundings. There is something about traveling that makes you more confident and self-assured. Perhaps it is because you begin to learn more about yourself.

In my time here, I have also been taught many skills by others – I can observe better, surf better, eat like an American and even clean a wetsuit properly.

I hope I set a good example to MBC Members, maybe they will follow my lead in learning, growing and breaking bad habits. After all, the good habits formed at youth make all the difference.