Shark Cage Diving

I went shark cage diving last weekend about 20 minutes away from where I’m staying in fish hoek. I got picked up at 6.00 along with three other friends and got taken to gansbaai. When we got there we took the boat out until we arrived at a seal island. Seal island is a good place to go for shark diving as it is there feeding ground in the morning. When we got there the men working on the boat dispatched a cage into the sea. They also started Cutting up chunks of meat an throwing blood into the water to attract the sharks.

Two people we were with and my friend volunteered to go first. They got suited into wetsuits and launched themselves into the cage. The wait for our first siting of a shark took at least a good 10 minutes. But once we saw it, it was most defiantly worth it. This huge 15ft shark appeared out of the cloudy water a few meters in front of the people in the cage and the sudden visible shark startled them. After that they because hooked and eager to see more.

After some time it was my turn to go in. Excited and nervous I lunged into the cage. Holding onto the bars I waited looking around the water. It wasn’t long till I spotted a shark. At first I was terrified but it’s sutitly and elegance made me feel relaxed and I enjoyed watching them. I got out the cage and suddenly sited an 18ft shark! It swam by the boat and I realised that it was maybe nearly as big as the boat was! After that we headed back. On the journey back we spotted a pack of dolphins which was also an awesome thing to see! Overall the experience was fantastic and brilliant fun. A mix of adrenaline and excitement!