Heritage day (National braai day)

It was Heritage Day and the boys were off from school so they came to spend the day with us at the beach club.

We started the day by going out and surfing in the wonderful sunny day. When we felt satisfied and all surfed well we returned to the office and get dressed.

While we were prepared the braai, the boys played outside with skate boards, some of them fixed ‚Äč‚Äčtheir surfboards andothers just took it easy to listen to music and dancing. We had a nice time.

When the braai was ready so we all ate together and drank soda. We all had a really good braai day.

My friend and I are from Sweden and we have no Heritage day, so now we know what it means, and we also tested the African sausages (boerewors) and ginger beer. But we did not like it so much but lucky that the boys did it anyway!

Ellen, Swedish volunteer