Sea Fever – Mikes favourite poem

  ” I must go down to the seas again,
to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.”

By John Masefield –
Quoted by MBC Member, Mike

Tok Tokkie – Joke of the Week By Philasande


A pastor was walking down the road and saw a small boy trying to ring a doorbell but the doorbell was out of reach.

The pastor walks over to the doorbell and rings it for him, he turns to the boy and says

“What now?”

and the boy replies – “now we run”

A Relief For the Steenberg Community

Wayden_Godfrey“It is so great to see kids out playing like this on the beach, I’m glad it is a common activity for them” Muizenberg Police Officer, Friday 14th June

In a recent report* from Kevin Southgate, Chairperson of Steenburg Community Police (April 2013) it is believed that gang violence is escalating within the Steenberg area. The local police enforcements have tried to combat the problem by increasing police patrols however it still leaves the community worried about their security.

The main concern for most residents is the safety of the children as ‘incidents of gang violence seem to erupt during the school holidays’. MBC provides positive activities for its members in a safe environment, giving them the opportunity to leave the area and have new experiences.

Whilst playing soccer with the kids on Muizenberg Beach a few weeks ago, a police officer (who had been riding up and down the beach) stopped by our soccer pitch and commented on the nature of the children. Programs such as MBC are as much a relief to the community as they keep children away from the gangs and teach each child skills that can help them gain more from their lives.



“One thing that has really stood out to me about the Muizenberg Beach Club is how grateful members are for everything they receive. As a volunteer from America, I’m used to seeing spoiled brats who throw tantrums in the supermarket and whine about not having the latest iPhone. Though the MBC kids don’t have the luxuries afforded to many American children, they are very appreciative of the opportunities to hike, surf and play soccer that they are afforded through the program. This gratefulness makes the children a lot of fun to work with.”

Jacob (Texas) VanNattan


Raising Role Models


raisings-roles-models“My dad works at the road works. I didn’t want to believe he was stealing from his job, but when I got home all the signs were there.”  

Phila, MBC Member, Aged 17

Sometimes a joke is so bad it’s hilarious, or maybe it is just because Phila is the comedian of MBC. He is always laughing and smiling and joking.

Phila told me his favorite thing about MBC is ‘connecting with the volunteers’ and, although I told him he was being a suck up, he must have met so many interesting young people from around the world who have come to help at the program. As a volunteer myself, it is a pleasure to connect with such a lovely group of boys and help them realize their goals.

Phila isn’t completely certain of his future plans, but he has many ideas of how to grasp the opportunities ahead of him. Phila is known as a good surfer, and the Beach Club’s founder, Ant Scholte, has the intentions of training Phila and other older members to help teach the younger members of MBC how to surf in the future. He is already a great role model for the other children and never fails to miss a session .

Furthermore, given the hard work that Phila puts into his school career, it will be no surprise to any of us if he makes good on his dream to work in the high tech industry in Japan. The lessons of Muizenberg Beach Club teach the members to persevere through disadvantaged backgrounds to accomplish their goals in life. I can only hope that MBC will continue opening doors for Phila and his fellow members.


Lessons on Appreciation

Jessica - British & Awesome Volunteer “I want you guys to tell me something cool that has happened to you in the last few days. It is easier to remember the bad moments. If I tell you ten good things and one bad thing you are more likely to remember the bad thing because that’s how our brains work. You must make the effort to look back and remember the good moments.”

Ant Scholte, Founder of Muzienberg Beach Club, to MBC Members.

South Africa has changed my outlook on life. The people here truly value what they have and the life they are given. I think it is this appreciation for the simple things in day-to-day life that makes their food so good! I understand, now more than ever, how surfing becomes a lifestyle and why surfers build their lives around the sport.

After falling off the board a hundred times, the one good wave you did catch spurs you on to get back in the water the next day. Before leaving for the project, I was warned that surfing is addictive. This prediction was definitely accurate.

Guaranteed I’ll be returning home and surfing as often as I can. For now, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to surf in such a beautiful landscape.

096 (3)

MBC Life Skills

Coming out of the surf with the MBC members

“I take the bread and I feed the birds, I look after them at my house. Then, I let them go free, into the sky”

Yamkela, Aged 11

Yamkela is a great boy, an amazing surfer and does an incredible rendition of Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. As he told me his story of the birds, he flung his arms enthusiastically in the air (putting his jungle oats perilously close to danger).

I thought to myself that Yamkela had unknowingly created a brilliant analogy for our work here with our MBC members. The program gives confidence for each boy to fly on his own. There is a noticeable difference between the members that have been in the MBC for a longer period of time and those that have recently joined. The activities also give them chance to improve the skills they need to pursue their ambitions.

It is clear all the boys adore surfing and one, Kyle, has the aim to buy his own surf board, live by the water and surf every day. Without MBC, Kyle’s hopes for the future would be very different. Kyle, like many of the others, comes from a disadvantaged background and surfing has given him a new perspective on life.

A valuable aspect of MBC for these children is that they have role models, such as Ant, the founder, or international volunteers to show them that violence and gang culture is not a healthy lifestyle and give them some direction in their own lives. We aspire to continue giving these children the right to a new perspective and a fresh start.


Hiking with MBC

Volunteer Jess with Wayden, Yamkela, Asi and Simnikiwe

Volunteer Jess with Wayden, Yamkela, Asi and Simnikiwe

“There are only a few things in life you have to worry about – one is the future and there’s nothing you can do about that. The other is the past and there’s nothing you can do about that either. You have to live in the now, because it’s the only moment that counts.”

Ant, Founder of MBC. 

Our hiking guide Paul took us on a hiking route where we got to climb an incredible waterfall. The place is a hidden treasure, most of the local population don’t even know about it.

One of the youngest Simnikiwe had fallen in the water and was drenched head to toe.

He became upset that he’d have to return home in his sodden clothes. But Ant was right, there was no point in him being worried. Only a few moments before he’d had the biggest grin on his face, hiking one of Cape Towns greatest natural beauties.

The program has so much to offer. How likely is it that children from Steenburg and volunteers from across the world come together and climb such a magnificent landscape?

At the end of every MBC day, each person walks away proud with something they’ve accomplished. Whether it be a hike up a tricky climb, catching a good wave or scoring a goal in soccer – we all gain a sense of achievement. As a volunteer, there’s nothing more worthy than seeing the smiles on the members faces. The program is invaluable to these children and the purpose of why we are here at MBC.