Beach Soccer Jan 2015


Soccer is widely referred to as the beautiful game both for the skill and beauty of the game itself, but also for its effect on all who play it. No matter age, size or economic standing, soccer has the ability to transcend all man made barriers and unite all who play it in a common shared love of game.


So it was we found ourselves on one of the most picturesque beaches in Cape Town if not all of South Africa, a 38 y.o native South African, a 33 y.o German, a 21 y.o Aussie and a host of MBC kids aged between 10 and 14, all brought together by our affinity for the beautiful game.

A scrappy game of 3-a-side was brought to an abrupt end by the arrival of a group of local teenagers and soon enough we had a decent 6-a-side game underway. Add to the mix another middle aged local and a Japanese tourist and we became a perfect example of soccer’s ability to bring anyone and everyone together.


We must have played for at least an hour and probably more in the baking mid afternoon heat before an exodus of local players brought the game to a halt with smiles all round. There was just enough time for a cool off in the ocean before the traffic clogged drive home.

Soccer works on so many levels to bring people together and today was proof of its powers to make people’s lives just that much better.